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JaviXx's Join request

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Name, nickname(s), location and age:

My name is Xabier but I preffer Javier. [MTA = JaVi, JavieR, JaviXx]. I'm 18 years old, soon 19, in january 21st. I live in Placencia de las Armas, Spain. I speak Spanish, Galego, English, Basque, something of Portuguese/Brazilian.

Former clans:

Sko - Shooter king origins

K&S - Keep calm and Shoot

FZ - (forgot name xdd, old Benjax's clan.)

Hp - Hispanic People (mine)

xM - xtreme Motherfuckers

Dark Army 

B2S Brutal Beasts Squad  [ACTUALLY IN IT]

etc... (I was in lot of clans, I just remember these.)

A short summary of my MTA career:

I don't remember much about that but, I started in 2010. I was DD player and DM [actually recognized OS]. I played freeroam like 2 years stunting, drifting and doing random things. Then I saw TG and I decided to see how good was the server and there I met good friends (much of them hispanic). I registered in TG in November 3, 2012. I spent 6 years here but I remember I didn't play MTA by 1 year, reason: potato pc died xddd.

Actually I'm Shooter player and DM in TG. I don't play other sv.

Why do I want to join Twisted Gamers?:

As I said, I registered in November 3, 2012, I'm old player and I want to spend more time here, I love TG and I won't leave from it, too much friends, good server. I always wanted to  take part of this famous clan, is like a dream and at least I decided to make this JR.

What are your goals in Twisted Gamers as a member/moderator?:

My main goal in TG is be a member, in a future I want to try be moderator, help to y'all and the rest of players.

Forms of contact:

Discord: El KirbY Troll // JavieR#5762  (ye, it's full name xd)

Thank you very much for reading my join request. Any question y'all can contact me in Discord, in TG SV or leave a post, cheers.:579dcf9dcf6ae_EmojiSmiley-12:

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