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Community Guidelines & Rules

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§1 General

( a ) The rules must be always obeyed. The administration is not required to inform anybody if there is a rule change.

( b ) You may not do actions which lead to conflicts between users.

( c ) Multi-accounting and account-sharing is forbidden.

( d ) You may not hurt somebodies dignity. This also affects insults, hating speeches, annoying others and any form of bullying.

( e ) You may always follow the orders by the administration and any moderator. Do not insult the administration, respect them.

( f ) Each administrator can decide how to punish somebody on his down when there is a rule break.

( g ) Report any security flaws you may find.

( h ) No advertising of any kind.

( i ) Selling and trading donator rights, money or other ingame goods is not allowed.


§2 Members

( a ) The community is represented by the leaders, who are also managing the community.

( b ) Every member is able to be warned, punished or get excluded from the community.

( c ) Every member has to wear the clantag when playing MTA as long as it possible.

( d ) Rights acquired by becoming a member may not be abused.


§3 Forums

( a ) You may obey the general rules (§1).

( b ) Posts may be deleted by the administration.

( c ) Doubleposts are not allowed.

( d ) The language used in the forums is English.

( e ) Don't bump threads unreasonably. If the thread is still important, needs focus and has been overrun by other threads, you may bump it. NEVER BUMP A REPORT OR BAN APPEAL..

( f ) Don't post in others' reports or appeals unless you have something useful to add. "This guy is always unpleasant" is not useful information.

( g ) Post threads in the correct forum.

( h ) No piracy.


§4 Clanwars

( a ) When participating at a clanwar you may not cancel your participation on the same day of the clanwar.

( b ) Not driving at a clanwar or not being there as a reserve without allowance from the clanwar manager will lead to a temporary clanwar block and being degraded to "Trial" for a certain time.

( c ) Ragequitting, Insulting and not listening to the administration will lead to a temporary clanwar block and being degraded to "Trial" for a certain time.


§5 -|TG|- MTA Server

( a ) Cheating, Hacking, Bugusing etc. is not allowed.

( b ) You may only talk english in the global chat. You can talk any language you like in all other chats.

( c ) Camping is strictly forbidden.

( d ) Use appropriate language in the main chat.

( e ) You may not use a nickname already used by another player.

( f ) The administration/moderation may exclude any player from the server.

( g ) False reporting is forbidden.

( h ) Spamming/Flooding the chat is forbidden.

( i ) No begging for server goods (money, SP, etc.).

( j ) Do not block people from getting the flag in CTF.

( k ) You can always ask admins straight away. If you don't get an answer right away, wait for a while before asking again. Try to time questions at a time when the admin is available (IE: not driving in a hard part).

( l ) Ban evading any ban will result in a permanent ban (overrides current ban).

( m ) Use /report and not global or /pm to report a rule breaker.
( n ) Shortcuts which cut more than 1 minute are not allowed.
§6 Teamspeak

( a ) You may not scream loudly/make loud noises while your microphone is activated.

( b ) You may not spam via the chat or poking.

( c ) If you listen to loud music or videos you have to mute your microphone.


Some useful topics about rules information and punishments:


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