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  1. Phantom's Join Request

    What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Phantom. I am 20 years old male from Egypt. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My Multi Theft Auto career started at 2015 in DDC server. I started to play with my cousins DD there. I really liked the server and was no-lifing the DD mode. Then I started looking for any team to join. I had a test in FOTL clan and successfully joined and became part of their DD squad. I left MTA after some months and took a long break due to high school. End of 2017, I came back to the game and switched over to FFS server. After then, SandwaveZ invited me to Sirius Bauss. I agreed and stayed there till the moment. I have also been playing Shooter mode lately. I have joined Unlimited Power as their Shooter manager. Unfortunately the team closed after some months. We are pretty sure you've been in other clans, please list the clans you've been in: FOTL - Firestarters Of The Land; UP - Unlimited Power; Why do you want to join Twisted Gamers?: One of the main reasons that I would like to join your clan because I'm searching for a serious clan with a well-made forum which is pretty known and good enough to match my skills and abilities. Twisted Gamers is one of the greatest clans nowadays around MTA, it contains mature and skilled members, people who are always willing to help anytime and that's exactly what I'm searching for. What are your expectations in Twisted Gamers?: I sincerely think 3.0 going to be a hit in the future. Twisted Gamers has always been a friendly place to communicate with people and have fun playing on the server. The new scripts and features that will be ideas are just going to make it perfect to play, the team itself contains a strong, mature and well organized members and the teamwork inside the team from my point of view is just amazing. I think TG is going to be respected just like in the past when they will launch their 3.0, I just can't wait for that to happen. What are your intentions in Twisted Gamers?: Being a well-known player around the MTA is one of my intentions, although I'm not that known because I was inactive for a few years. I would like to improve the DD and Shooter squads with the experience I got. I also have a quite good experience in moderating so I would be willing to help in administrating as well. I am a mature guy who hates causing troubles have been known as a problem-solving person. Also, I have a creative head and I would like to offer great ideas for Twisted Gamers that I'm sure can improve the server, I have thought a lot about these ideas but I wasn't really sure with which clan I should share them and I sincerely think Twisted Gamers is the best choice for that. The upcoming update of 3.0 going to be epic and I am sure it can be more good with the ideas I will share in the future. Last but not least, Twisted Gamers is organizing many tournaments so I would like to give a hand and make this tournaments more arranged. Something more to add: You can contact me either on skype (live:Phantom.mta_1) or discord (Phantom#6595).