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  1. Leaving.

    please nuv.
  2. PAYDAY 2 is for free.

    i dont care i hate that game
  3. Leaving.

    Hey peepz, im leaving, this server doesnt make me interseted anymore. ive been playing here for almost 3 years. but its my time to get out from this. if you want to play me other games add me on steam: (or just contact me to play another server you want, ill only play RPG Servers for now or DD ones) Cheers, Stroiter close my JR too. maybe i can get back when TG 3.0 Launches but not too really.
  4. HRD (Hardy) Signatures Portfolio

    //lock this topic
  5. Best CTF Players

    VISH4L , SIISTI-C , Al_capone
  6. i told you.

    1. IDarkReis


      Hardy you liar and thief


      you lose one day 400m again what is happend dan?


  7. congratulations plz give me cake

  8. Expose yourself.

  9. Thanks CSGOHunt

    42$ profit too easy

    55$ inventory with 13$ too much ezcsgohunt.thumb.png.6a9a08c5dda55f1f4cbc32f8484b8af3.png

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. HRD


      i dont care so..

      i only lost  -10 euros idc its not that much i see many noobs losing 2000$ so.. 

      im not mad, ill buy more 10 euros to gamble i get all back so much ez and ill stop.

    3. Mecha


      You know, it's because they wanted to get their money back "so much easy" that they lose $2000. You shoul stop right now to gamble on this scamming website.

    4. HRD


      the thing is , i only lost 10 euros but..


      i already lost previous like

      a gut knife night (33$) AK Case Hardened (21$) ak frontside misty (10$) + 30 euros on drakemoon its 94 euros  that i wanna get back. but i think i will stop right now.. i lost 94 euros from now on but &%*$ it.

      ill think if i would stop gamble or nope.

  10. A Music of the boyfriend of my cousin. UP :)
  11. The Truth

    Ill show everyone who really i am. My journey starts now.