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  1. Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Congratulations to trials. Trend nub
  2. I enjoyed watching it tbh , good job.
  3. guess that this topic is made for fights then
  4. Registration

    Team Name: Dark Souls Team Tag:Ds Skype & name of the leader: Skype : iboss151 - Name of the leader : iboss Team logo link: Team Players: 1)iBoSs -Egypt- 2)GTX - Slovenia - 3))Anarchy -Egypt- 4)Xizen -Brazil- 5)Cvele - Germany - Team Reserves: 1)Janiko - Slovenia- 2)Return -Egypt-
  5. gratz @Tron. finally u did it :p as well as @Hope @Bullet:3 and @SquoniX
  6. Final News of 2016

    damn. some good shit is going on here
  7. We will never die!

    gl misterQ
  8. DaXx's Infernus D-Evolution

    nice! keep it up
  9. [DM] Ranox - V6 - Middle [GOOD BYE - FINAL] [DL]

    nice map also leaving because of this reason is childish u should know how to fight them back and ignore them . not just giving up and leaving whole MTA . take care.
  10. [DM] ChRiS ft. xTemp ft. eLiAbe - Lights

    Wow. Such a nice map! keep it up
  11. Bye.

    Gl with your life fgt
  12. Trick or treat?!