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  1. Congratulations guys
  2. Dango's Join Request -Name: In-game name: Dango420. Real name : Kareem Mohamed. -Age: I'm 19 years old , (6/9/1997). -Gender: Male. -Nationality: Egyptian. -Language spoken: Arabic as primary language (10/10) English as secondary language (7/10) -When did you start playing MTA:SA? I started playing MTA:SA 6 years ago -How long have you been playing on ''TG'' ? I have been playing ''TG'' since 2014. -Have you ever been banned/kicked before? No. -Tell us something about yourself. Well nothing lot to say about me but , My ingame name is Dango420 , In real life : Kareem , I live in Egypt,Mansoura , My birth is (9/6/1997) , I like playing Football,Swimming,Tennis and Basketball .. , I like playing online games especially MTA:SA , hmm , my ping range is from 90-120 , FPS 60 , Language i speak is English and Arabic , I got two brothers which one of them is still playing MTA , also i like playing games such ass CS:GO , payday 2 ,crossfire , wareface ... , I'm an active member, mature and helpfull , doing my best in game or irl (doesn't matter) , hmm , Also I'm studying in a big university for Clinical Pharmacy. -Describe in your own words what is ''Twisted Gamers''. Well, TG is one of the successful racing games on MTA , maybe the best one of them , It games you different mods of the game to not be bored from playing these awesome games , I spend much time playing on TG and never got bored from playing on it , They have too many playing which they are skilled and mature (not all tbh) , that is why i always like to play on this server. -Why you should be a TG member? You guys have very original role-play role which is about racing events and shooting etc .. , and I would like to join it. You were also friendly like always and I have seen a lot of mature players on this server. I think I can learn a great deal from you guys and improve my experience. Also I think I have abilities that can always help the community, I will be creative and will hlep anyone who needs my help , i will be active , and creative , won't fight for silly reason , will keep the chat clean , and will do my best towards the clan ,Combined with my experience, maturity, loyalty, english language capabilities and overall skills I would consider myself being eligible to join this amazing team. -My MTA Career. Well, since i started playing MTA:SA , my cousin invited me to play and rpg server , yes it was an awesome server , i joined many gangs there and archive what i wanted to do there and then the server became bored , so i started searching for servers about racing as i wanted to upgrade my racing skills and driving too , so on 2014 , i joined TG server and started 1st time on shooting , At first it was very hard to me and maybe still till now , but other server mods . don't want to show off but im the best there , I got many experiences there and got many friends there who still playing the server and many of them became admins on the server , i never joined any clan as i wasn't active too much (exams) ,but i was doing my best to keep me active on the server , I'm someone who is trying to keep any server funny and great always , i respect any server rules , till now i didn't get any kick-ban , and i hope i keep going like that , this is a summarize to my MTA Career , didn't want to explain more just wanted to mention the important thing about me. -If anyone wanted to contact with me here you can find me Discord: Dango420#7312 Discord: Immortal420#5364 Thanks for reading.