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  1. I'm back !!

    welcome back legendary legend
  2. Inter is there yay
  3. Welcome guys! Give your best
  4. End of journey...

    I wish you all the best in the future!
  5. The end of my adventure

    Locked the thread to prevent stupid arguments.
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  7. i'm back

    Welcome back!
  8. We're not the spare wheel of anyone. :579dcfa3146d2_EmojiSmiley-41::579dcfaf47a03_EmojiSmiley-106:

    1. GeroX



  9. Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Thank you a lot for this wonderful opportunity, I won't waste it. I just wanted to let all of you know that I will be inactive till the end of this month due to exams, soo I will do my best after it! Congratulations to my teammates as well, I'm sure they'll always try to improve our community :)
  10. BouDi's Shooter Montage

    Nice one!
  11. CTF

    [CTF] BuDyA's Morning Glory all the way.
  12. The Truth

  13. I am out.

  14. I am out.

    Kinda unexpected.. bye and good luck