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  1. Fun and Find

    Nah no blue web xD
  2. Fun and Find

    Find a what is wrong with this pic Just for fun
  3. Come MTF bby Hunter

  4. Mr TarKaaN

    Few minutes i was watxh his video and see Smyx post Forever Tarkaan jogde and Cjdocy post too Prayfortarkaan Thank q man He is a legend i will never forget hi.m
  5. Mr TarKaaN

    Lie me..
  6. Mr TarKaaN

    What is matter to TarKaaN long time i never ser him on TG and xPr sever? Who know?
  7. Why Can't loggin To Portal?But CAn Loggin to Furom lol

    1. Mousy


      There was an update brought in by us and it made some things a bit buggy but currently it is being fixed as I can see. Hope I helped you with this question. :579dcf9c20b86_EmojiSmiley-04:

    2. Penox.



    3. MrSweet


      @Mousythabk bby i can donate now

  8. Only English In T.G

    Hay TG 2,4 We sould make a Boss in everymap to mute who Speak other languages It's Good Ideas to Do it's and Sould Make A Videos What We Get Calm back when We Donate In TG:V By #SweeT Best in Shooter:D