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  1. [DM]OnweD v.1 - Nature Overflow

    Not bad for a volume 1, keep it up!
  2. [DM] Chipy - Descendant's Skills IV

    Nice video V1sh4L! And man I would really love to play this map soon. This is how challenging maps should be made. Great job :)
  3. Hunter Match | WazeR# vs. Destroy~

    That's some nice aiming man! Good job!
  4. [DM] Shine Ft. CSS Ft. Xoder Ft. Money - Prisma

    It does give me some sort of oldschool feeling again! Can't wait to play it. Good job :)
  5. [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    seems like a decent map, good luck in finding partners
  6. Hi there! I wanted to share my latest ft map with you guys as well. Special thanks goes to ShuX for the record ofcourse :)
  7. [DM]NoType - Vol.4 - Lunar Fall

    Just wanted to share my old volume 4 special thanks to Rizom for the amazing video
  8. The End Of My Journey

    See you soon my brother!
  9. SlipknoT Vol.4 - Reverie

    the decorations are outstanding, but i didn't really like the track.. nice video though!
  10. NoType's join request

    Name, nickname(s), location and age: My name is Jared, also known as NoType. Formerly known as NoT or Alone. I'm 19 years old and I live in Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands. Former clans: -rG- (Racing Generation) Emp| (Elite Master Players) |-XpR-| (Xtreme Pro Racers) (even though they didn't even add me in the former members tab) [FOTL] (Firestarters Of The Land) -[O]- (The Origin) BT| (Beyond Tomorrow) A short summary of my MTA career: I started playing in the summer of 2010. I got introduced to MTA by my best friend's uncle. I was amazed by the fact that GTA:SA actually had a pretty big online community. The first server I ever joined was some random stunting server, but I do not remember the name of the server in particular. Later on (somewhere around 2011), my friend's uncle explained to us that he liked to play in a multigamemode server named Twisted Gamers. (the first server in which I played the DD/DM and other gamemodes). I was amazed by the skills the players had, and I had no idea how to even play it. It took a few months of practice to really get the hang of how to move your vehicle in the air, and how to transfer from one ramp to another. After a few years my best friend and his uncle decided to quit playing MTA. In the meantime i was being taught how to map, by a friend of mine named Semih. Ofcourse this took a lot of practice as well, I have to say that I like how I have progressed over the years, but I don't consider myself an amazing mapper or anything. I've been flying around servers for a while, including FFS, but I think that the community and the egoistic administrators completely destroyed my experience in their server. I have decided to stay in the server which I like to play in the most, and that is TG. I used to love playing here back in the days, and I still get the same feeling when I join now. The nice atmosphere along with the kind players attract me to the server, and that is why i have decided to stay here. (please note that I did not register as a player in my first few years of playing here). Why do I want to join Twisted Gamers?: It has always been some sort of a dream to wear the TG tag in front of my nickname to be honest. I really like the atmosphere in the server, and I like the overall server design a lot as well. TG is not one of the largest servers anymore, but I feel like I am in a good place when I play here. What are your goals in Twisted Gamers as a member/moderator?: My main goal in TG is to help improve the server experience for newcomers and regular players. By eliminating rulebreakers ofcourse, but also by providing help when needed and answering questions. Forms of contact: Skype: Alonemta Discord: NoType#0083 Thank you very much for reading my join request. For any further questions, feel free to contact me, or just leave a post. :)
  11. please delete this.

    please delete this.
  12. Yes, we are merging!

  13. New era!

    Its kinda sad to see everyone leaving. But I wish you the best of luck in rebuilding TG