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  1. Dreamer's Join Request

    What is your nickname(s),Age,Location? Hello,My name is Altar and I'm 19 years old. I live in Ankara/Turkey How much time that you play this game? I'm playing everyday 1-2h per a day About My MTA Carrier About my Career,I started to play DDC since 7 years Ago. First me and my friends played on SAMP Server. After my best friend YiGi and me found DDC server. Like 5-6 years We played in DDC server and about I got my 90% of Skills in DDC server. After DDC/FOTL closed and FOTL merged with ffs,about 6-8 Months played with the clan Called SD(Skilled Drifters) in ffs. DDC's founders opened the server again and We turned back to play on our first server. I played in DDC,TG,ffs,TfF,EfE,SoA and ER's Servers(Usually in TfF right now too) Old Clans I want to talk about my clans Which have been in: (KRO):Krovopez Team |SD|:Skilled Drifters SoA:Sense of Ability [MAD]:Mafioso Auto Drivers FfY:Fight for Yourself [FOTL]:Firestarters Of The Land EfE:(Eye for an Eye As I remember) ER:Elite Racers 4iM:For Incredible Motion CsP:Certified Supreme Players >VIP<:Very Important Players Why do I want to Join Twister Gamers I played in this server like 1-2 years ago,In that times TG was really good. A little bit time later I see that TG was dying and I left the Server/Forum. Started to play on TfF. As I see you guys trying to reborn now and I want to be a part of this reborn. Also I have some friends in TG family I want to be with them too. Let's do this together guys :) How would you be useful for us? I'm active player,I can control our server,I can manage the ppl,I can organize CW's etc. Can be useful for our WFF Clanwars and little bit DM too(5/10 for DM :D) I want to add my Contact Information to here Skype: altar.sbnclar Thanks for Reading my Join Request Guys, Best regards Dreamer.
  2. Dreamer is here!

    Hey guys My name is Altar I'm 18 years old and I came here from DDC/FOTL Community. I like playing basketball,VolleyballAlso I'm licensed Volleyball player. I like listening music,Ariana Grande Focus <3Nice to meet with you guys,See ya in gameDreamer.