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  1. [DM] Qwince v3 - Akureyri
  2. [DM] sYKu - Vol.3 - Untouched Nature

    nice map syku
  3. [DM] Redrum - Follow Me II

    This map is a way harder than your first :D
  4. [OS] TheNicO ft. xL1Nk - Coone

    Cool map, i like really like this decoration style.
  5. [DM] FaFacZ - Yarrak Championships

    I like the track but why don t you decorate it ? It would be a way better with decoration !
  6. It's unquestionably a good map, smooth and well decorated that the way i like it. Awesome record vishal !
  7. Virtual Darkness Hey guys I am bringing you another volume 1. The map is called Virtual Darkness. It's a skilled but also a smooth track. In my opinion he did a great job. I hope you' re knowing the fucking Lord Of The Ring otherwise this intro makes no sense xd. 1080p60 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ skype : paul.naebers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Song : Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop!tab-contacts Song : Enya - May It Be Song : Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix)d
  8. Maintains Silence I am glad to present you Gonzi's first map. The map is called Maintains Silence. At first glance it looks like an easy and smooth track but it's not. In addition to the smooth and flawless parts their are skilled ones.In my opinion it is a really good first volume owing to the decoration.
  9. [DM] Cheslav Ft. Second Ft. iRaven - Greenpeace

    Cool map and nice record keep it up guys