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  1. Macks JRequest

    Nickname, Age and Location my nickname in game is Macks,in real life is Raphael, I am 17 years old im Brazilian MTA Career I started playing mta in 2013, I started playing on a drift server called '' Tokyo Drift Brazil ''. Then my friend introduced me to Twisted Gamers, so I started playing and I liked it and I never stopped playing until today, of my time playing in the Shooter, sometimes I play DM or OS, but I really like playing the shooter, because I have a lot of friends who play this mode Previous Clans Sk,tR,Sr,K&S,Sri among others that I do not remember but these clans are all of shooter Why Do I Want To Join Twisted-Gamers? because I'm a different player from the other brs I'm a fair player different from the other players, I'm a friend of a lot of people in TG, but there are a lot of people who do not like me but that's part, I can not please everybody but I give my all so that everyone likes me, and I always wanted to turn admin to help my dream is to join the clan Twisted-Gamers, because I really want to help the TG to climb for the better, it is already good but can but it depends on everyone, there are people who only know how to criticize the server, but they have never tried to help to improve their badness. ///////I can help with clan-war, events, I can help in the forum help in testing the maps, correction of bugs, there are more things that I can help too How Am I Supposed To Help Twisted-Gamers Community I can help in clan-wars, I can help with new mods scripts, I can help in the forum, I can test the new maps, I can help fixing some also bugs on some maps Contact skype:Macks.drift facebook:
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