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  1. Afbian ENB Series

    it could be the config you have for your graphic card, sometimes it makes enb looks ugly (but i don't know how to configure it sorry)
  2. Afbian ENB Series

    Is not TG Server, it might be your video card dude, i tested it and i see everything ok
  3. Afbian ENB Series

    Hm, it could be your video card too i don't know, i only tested it on - (sorry) XD
  4. Afbian ENB Series

    Thanks i hope it doesn't have the bug :)
  5. Afbian ENB Series

    Thanks you !
  6. Afbian ENB Series

    Hello everyone I'm Afbian These days i've been making an ENB Series for Med-End Pc's. This idea come from some users asking for an good ENB Series (someones the best one) but they just simply can't make them pc's run that enb series. This enb series works fine with MTA. Is fully edited by me thinkin' for yours. Screenshots WARNING: * The bloom might look bad if the value of the brightness of your screen is high, by default the bloom is configured for a screen with no brightness * MY PC SPECS : Nvidia Geforce GT630 - Intel i3 3.33ghz - 4 Gb ram ddr3 Download: I hope you guys like it :) **Maybe Lows pc's can use it, i don't really know, but if u want to use it in lower pc's just edit enbseries.ini and change EnableBloom=1 to '0'** How to install : Just open the rar file and drag the files to your GTA SA directory (as a example, my own directory is the default GTA directory) C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas drag the files there