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  1. The video is great and the quality is good. Keep going.
  2. Team Name: $uicide $quadTeam Tag:$Skype & name of the leader:Tron(Discord:Tron#4092) Team Players:1) Tron - 2) Impzy - 3) MisterQuestions - 4) DaN - 5) Monst3R - Team Reserves (there should be at least one reserve):1) HuB - 2)TBA
  3. First of all i would like to thank TG Community for giving me this great opportunity being Reports and Ban Appeals manager. Hopefully I won't disappoint you and i will do my best for this community Secondly, i would like to congratulate all of my team mates and i wish them a good luck.
  4. Awesome Montage. Keep it up.
  5. Bye.
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Pitko, Mecha Chronik,fano Vishal,Siisti Zmany,Raven Radhen,Fox Me, erudos
  8. Happy Birthday!

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      Wenta tayeb:579dcfbc4fba9_EmojiSmiley-173:

  9. No problem at all, i just did my job as an administrator and anyone would do the same. Enjoy with your old account.
  10. That was unexpected, Good luck in your life. hope to see you again.
  11. CnR is back!


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      lets go bois

  12. Well, i was hated and immature months ago, but i changed, so i believe that everyone can change. I also believe that you can change.
  13. Welcome to the Community, Enjoy your stay here.
  14. Welcome, Enjoy your stay
  15. TG 10 - 10 mP