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  1. When @SquoniX was a kid xD


  2. Take (Squirt)word and (Onyx)word

    then put them in a blender.

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    2. SquoniX


      squonix dieded rekt 2014-2016

    3. GeroX


      ** grabs popcorn **

    4. Toadflox


      Yet again, another bullshit conversation. Congratz guys! :)

  3. Heibara come to skype please fast

    i swear if you didn't come i will be mad at you please fast.

    1. -illvesion-


      who gives a shit about that just come xD

    2. SquoniX


      "At you" is correct. lol grammar nazi fail

    3. Suspect-san
  4. SquonyX

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    2. V1SH4L



    3. SquoniX


      Haha, @V1SH4L, nice one.

    4. Heibara



  5. That was what i afraid of xD

    please don't make the posts or topics limited xD

  6. Garry's mod is a lie :)
    So Heibara is a lie too, :D

    1. Heibara


      Antadorea got it 

    2. -illvesion-


      Fuk you , you didn't answer my skype messages also you promise me on something and you didn't make it.

  7. This guy is hilarious xD


  8. happy topic

    thanks for telling me the summary of this topic xD
  9. @SquoniX

    look at this xDD


  10. Garry's Mod Giveaway

    SteamID: i have no id i will create one if i win xD lucky number : 77 please gimme good luck @SquoniX
  11. Whats a good game you recommend?

    pretty good game, but you can try barbie world this game will be much better :D
  12.  Are you left or what ?

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    2. -illvesion-


      Are you kidding me xDDD

      I though that you already left fku XDDDD

    3. -illvesion-


      I Uploaded my maps can you test it please. ??

    4. Botond


      He's pitko, not left. 

  13. Expose yourself.

    is that you ?