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  1. Mta

    Hi all sry all if i left tg and mta but i want succes in my school but with mta i can't i allways play mta and no stady ib housse What can i do for stady and playing mta :(
  2. i well left mta :( :( :(

    sry bro ;( i love u bro THX :D sry i can't :((
  3. sry all but i well left sk and mta and all . am sry alll i shoud stady because I have deposited in the study :(((( sry all this one left mta without buck again and sry for bud english :) :((((( goodbay mta good bay tovic , vish1.mazen . roy . benjax <3 . warlord . trinity . rollex .noovl . mazda . squonix . surflexy . zokni . deadpool . and allll ks . and thx danx for ban advertising xD. GoodBay MTA :(((((((( plz no forgot me :((( Facebook :
  4. second video #2

    all see my new video frag movie #2 - SKR!LLEX
  5. come buck

    hi allllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!! -|Ks|-SKR!LEXX come buuuuuuuuuuuck mta is my life and thx trinity u know why and mta am comed <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    This is a message to all my friends I've finished my work in this game I would ask you not to forget me :( :( :( :( bb all hat my fb sry deadpool SRY -|KS|- bb alllllllll i love u mta but : THE END.
  7. A career in MTA ends here

    good luck
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    2. Zmany


      What the hell , i dont need your clan , and who are u ? .

    3. Pedrin


      You're famous zmany

    4. SKRILLEX1


      am SKRILLEX 



      my famous wtf 


      just a friend