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  1. Search: Recorder for my Map. Contact: Skype: mtazocker2000
  2. Dear Twisted-Gamers Team, thanks for Reading my Join-Request. Please read it to the end About Myself Heelloooo! My name is Justin. I was born in Germany . I'm 16 years old I spend most of my time on the PC and if I'm not on my PC, I'm in Winter Ski ,school or out with friends. Im much mad, but i try to give my best! i wanna Improve my behavior/Rage(l2m, ...and other) and i try to a Friendly player, please give me a Chance.and try to Improve my English :D but i hope its Understandable My MTA History I have been playing MTA 4-5 years now. Firstly I started to play on Reallife server with my Brother. I played there approximately 1,5 years, I spent a great time there and then I started to play DM in TG server, that was really weird because I have never been played DM before. and now im here :D Old Clans Pure - Pure Professinal United Racer Kekz - Kekz Gaming sT - Seventh try -79 - Serious Skilled Players AMG - Amazing Mapping and Gaming HsK - hard Style Klown i7 - Important Seven Why i want join Twisted Gamers? I have lots reasons for this question. I will try to explain you the most important ones. I have been playing in this server for about 1,3 years and have experienced so many things. search as rulebreakers, cheaters etc. My point is that I had a big time chance to see whats going on with the server and what kind players playing it. I do not have a really unique ability. However, I can say I can also be friendly as long as it is to me . I dont want to involve my real life here but so many people says that I have those personalities. What can i? Im very Active, and can Help in Deathmatch, Clanwars, im very Active player and if someone needs my Help i will Help him direclty End Answer I know much Hate me, but give me a Chance. I know i make much wrong but i will try to Improve that, but i can Improve that only with your Help! <3 Contact Skype: mtazocker2000 Thanks for Reading
  3. Lovely <3 :D

  4. WHere is the problem
  5. Thanks! yes, but Deco and Part is not fully Finished. need Recorder for a Preview :D
  6. Hello Guys, i want show you a Preview from my (vol 1) Preview 1: Preview 2: Preview 3: Search Recorder! Skype: mtazocker2000