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  1. [DM]SoundwaveZ ft. #RS - A Lovely Trip

    I liked this smooth record and this map looks good, It's great something from you guys. Keep it up.
  2. Graphic Designs.

    I did a new one Graphic Design similar to the last one, Because there were some problems in the last one, Like: size of EX logo, Both of the circle's edges are not well trimmed, smoke effect made that back ground looks bad and The quality was bad - Some information about this GD... This back ground taken by: Me Effects I used in-game: And this is the tools I used in photoshop to but effects in this background 1- Filter > Other > High Pass 2- Change the Opacity to 30 : 40 3- Vibrance 4- Change Saturation to -20 : -50 5- Gradient Fill > Style > Radial > But the marker on Reverse > and change the Scale to 200 : 250 6- Gradiend Map > Change the blending mode for the layer to "Soft Light" 7- Change the opacity to 50 : 30 8- Curves > And change the option to what do you want 9- Exposure > Change the Exposure to +0.1 10- Change the Offser to -0.00038 11- Change the Gamma Corrention to 1.18 ____________________ And finally finished Hope you like it _______________________
  3. Useful video.


    1. RounteX


      Pretty useful for who needs design

    2. Mousy


      Defenitely useful! Thanks for sharing it right here :579dcf9c20b86_EmojiSmiley-04:

  4. Graphic Designs.

  5. Rage# - Four Skills 2.0

    I like this smooth record and this map looks good and all things are good, keep it up
  6. Graphic Designs.

  7. Rowing. :579dcfbc4fba9_EmojiSmiley-173::579dcfafa17b3_EmojiSmiley-108: