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  1. .dEeP#'s Join Request.

    Nickname, Age and Location My in-game nick is .dEeP# or simply my nickname is Deep raised up by my original name that is Deepank. I am 17 years old, born in the year 2000. I am basically an Indian so probably I live in India. MTA Career It all started in the year 2011. It's when I started my other life, technically a virtual life in the gaming world. So, I have been playing MTA San Andreas since a very long time of about 6-7 years. Firstly I started up with Free-roam servers but as I went deep into the MTA world I found out that there are even more interesting and cool game-modes out there. By the end of the year 2011 I ended up determining Twisted-Gamers as the most flawless server and clan. I started spending more and more time on the server but because of some personal issues I had to quit MTA for several years, but then I came back into the virtual world again even with more desperation and excitement to play. Since then I've been playing MTA constantly and I am quite good at Race-Deathmatch and Hunter. Plus, I also have interests in Shooter, Capture the Flag, Destruction Derby and Old-School and I can play them very well. I cannot praise myself in my own Join Request, right? I also don't want to, so please check me out before making any decision but I am pretty sure about a lot of people must have seen my game-play which is very decent and fine, I suppose. Previous Clans |TSR| The Street Racers [Co-Leader] I don't really remember if I had been into any other clan xD. But I am clan-less at this time. I am just in a family clan of MyLilPonies^~^ on the Twisted-Gamers server. Why Do I Want To Join Twisted-Gamers? I want to join Twisted-Gamers because it has been my dream since the beginning to be a part of this humble and kind family and surely because of the popularity of this clan. Well, who will not want to be a part of this clan? Not just that, but I really want to get the clan at the highest crust. So it'll be my honor to be a part of this clan. How Am I Supposed To Help Twisted-Gamers Community I can help with Clan Wars of DM/Shooter/CTF/OS/Hunter. I can help Twisted-Gamers with Map Testing and Mapping stuff (I know mapping as well). I can surely help Twisted-Gamers with the complete server management stuff. I am pretty sure that I can help Twisted-Gamers at getting a vast amount of players on the server and the forum. I am completely sure that I can help getting Twisted-Gamers server rid of hackers, rule-breakers, bullies and treacherous people. And I am damn sure that I can make Twisted-Gamers servers a better place to play on. I shall never be partial with players and shall provide them good and equal hospitality. I will always be helping people on the server and my (yet to be) clan members. I shall stay humble just like always. Contact Skype : Deepank181 Instagram : @iizdeep Facebook : _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank You For reading my Join Request. Hope you like it, and I also hope that the decision would be in my favor. Regards .dEeP#
  2. Wall of shame - 'Hackers' edition

    Never expected that a TG member could be behind this but I'm sure he must be regretting after such a bad action. Well done @AdamJames, we need more TG staff like you, thumbs up for your work.
  3. How Many Languages Can You Speak?

    1. English 2. Hindi 3. Urdu 4. Marathi That's enough, and i don't wanna learn anymore languages xD
  4. What are you listening at the moment?

    Girlish voice is life dude. <3