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  1. Hello Gerckz! Can you accept my friend request in ur skype? 

  2. GrecK's Join Request

    My name is Agustin, I’m currently 17 years old, born at 09-06-2000 and actually I’m living in Villa Mercedes (San Luis) - Argentina, I’m known as Greck which is my actual nickname in MTA. It all started when I was playing in SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) and a friend of mine told me about MTA:SA. Afterwards I came to the conclusion to try out this game which was pretty new to me. I started playing on a freeroam server called DKR. I played there for a few months. It became boring and I decided to explore more of the game, because there were many variations of different gamemodes. I found an old school server called “Team-NeO” where I have learned how I had to drive some maps. Subsequently I joined several latin clans, but I did not take them serious, because I just played for fun. Thereafter I joined a server called LxG// which stands for Latin xtreme Gamers. It was the first server I became pretty addicted to. As the months passed, I became a member of LxG//. I came to the decision to leave the clan, because a lot of the members have acted immature. After all it was the first clan which I considered as serious. In August 2013 I met Spiicy on XuG// (he was the current Leader of this clan), who convinced me to create a join request for his clan. He accepted me early after and I joined the clan. Months passed once again and I wanted to become better and better. The clan was not good enough for me anymore so I tried to join |DST|, because I saw some players of them playing on public servers and I thought they are pretty skilled and I should try my luck. I played on their server for about two or three weeks, then I made a join request and joined afterwards. After four months of membership I decided to leave the clan, because I have been bored. One month after my pc was broken, and I was unable to play. After three months I came back to mta and met Ema, who has been a member of |FT|. He told me that I was pretty skilled and that flattered me. Thats why I decided to apply for |FT|. I got accepted and I was really happy. After eight months I decided to leave, because KissMySkillz did a mistake in a clanwar. After leaving I started to play very active on /TfF\. I loved the atmosphere and I wanted to join so much. That’s why I tried to apply to the clan over and over again, even though I did not get accepted the first few times. It was an amazing clan, but sadly after four months of an active membership I got reported for setting maps to Huralk, and he decided to kick me out of TfF. As I have mentioned before, I have been in several clans already. In some of them longer, in some of them shorter. But after all I am really happy that all these clans have picked me as one of theirs. I gained so much experience for my gaming life, as well as my future life. Enough about the theoretical part. I’ve been a part of the following clan ( just to name them ): LxG// Latin xtreme Gamers Map Uploader Left XuG// Xtreme united GameZ Cw-Manager Leff |DST| Dangerous Skillers Team Member Left |FT| Fellow Team Trial Left /TfF\ The favoured Few Member Kicked I can help you in many ways and I’m open to do that. According to what I’ve done in the past, I’m good at organizing clan wars or tournaments. It’s something that I really enjoy doing. Furthermore I want to keep the server and also the forum as comfortable as possible for everybody, so there won’t be any contentions. I can also help at clan wars due to my decent DM and Hunter skills. Moreover my loyality plays an important role too.With my already collected experiences due other clans do I want to become a well-respected person in our clan and community, which can help Users in his possibility to solve all their problems and answer their questions. I am able to punish all the guys, who think they have to break our rules inside the forum and 6s’ upcoming server to bring them back on the right way. I expect Twisted Gamers to be a mature clan which shows great organized, communicative ,kind and polite members. I am expecting a clan with an amazing atmosphere overall and individually between the members. In addition, I assume that all members are aware in what they are participating and because of that there shouldn't be any problems. I also expect that every member is willing to help someone in need, no matter if he is inside or outside of the clan. Futhermore, I expect a leadership to consult with all the members before doing some major decisions on their own. In my opinion , this clan has an amazing future and I'm sure lots of great things will happen with it. You don't just look like a community, you look like a family , a family in which everyone would be happy and satisfied to be part of. Thanks for taking your time reading the join request, Hopefully you enjoyed It. Feel free to ask me whatever you want via my contact details: Agustin.lanfranco Forum: Private Message Yours Faithfully: *GrecK#
  3. Peace, It's me AbedY.

    Welcome aboard, nice too meet you.
  4. Well, My point is that i've been waiting with activity and its easy to wait without the activity.
  5. Well, I think that this is not for me, Seems like you dont see when someone is really active and want to join aboard, I was really active and i waited more than 6 months and I put a huge effort to my join request but okay, you didnt have it in count, Congratz to eveyone !!.
  6. [DM]uRage v1 - The Reborn

    The map looks fine for a first solo map, great job.
  7. Happy birthday rubyyy, have a nice one !!

  8. Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Congratz everyone, totally deserved !!
  9. Nossa nossa, Asim voce me mata.

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  10. Leaving.

    Bye dude, see ya and take care of yourself !!
  11. I am out.

    Well, I didn't expect such thing bro, see you and take care of yourself good luck and hope to see you playing around.
  12. Some TG 2 Improvements

    From my point of view everything is ok, hope to see every point as soon as possible :D
  13. Suggestion for the DM mapshop

    I think that you should apply something which you could buy one map and when ur map is played, you could buy another map, so my point is that you should wait until ur map bought is played to buy another one, however your idea is good as well.
  14. Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    Congratz @Hope & @Bullet:3 <3, also to @Tron., @SquoniX, @IntreLeX & @Break totally deserved guys !!, kinda bad cuz I didn't figure between the news.