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  1. Thenico - For the love of Gteatero

    [DM] Gteatero ft. Thenico - Dark Inception VI :p Nice map and record but shit track and deco and good mep.
  2. Status by HyPeX.

  3. HNY Guys c:

    1. Danx




    2. TheDragon


      (TEAM) Danx~: You are trash 


  4. Hello :D 

  5. Congratulations to the new trials!! Special for: - @RadheN Mi peruanito hermoso te lo mereces c: - @Surflexy Viado ctm :D - @Known My Favorite Mapper :3 And ofthers well deserved too :)
  6. Khe Forum Update Break, Fantastic work!

  7. Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    Congratulations to all new trials also new co-leader!! @SquoniX Finally did it m8
  8. Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Congratulations guys!! Fully Deserved
  9. Final News of 2016

    Sad to see we won't receive our awards for Competition, i was having some screen of the winners on my cellphone and i lost this by an fail i really sad for lost this photos but i am remember some names but not all for every area winners i can prodive you if you want @Impzy , as hard effort of me in hunter kills will not be pay.. :( #FAIRPLAY4COMPETITIONWINNERS!!
  10. Final News of 2016

    Hey, well good news and gratz for the trials for past they period. but what about the competition, we gonna received our prices you promise when TG 3.0 Launch? I was the hunter kills winner :'c
  11. Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    Congratulations Guys :D Special for Lehelms! Pro viado kkkk '='
  12. Gettin' ready!

    Alcatraz Island <33 :3 Gretz little peps :D
  13. Competition winners

    OMFG!!!!! I Did it in Hunter Kills ^^ so i want to say Congratz to the ofhter winners!
  14. [Problem] MTA Camera.

    Hey Guys!Here i want show my problem about my mta camera, read my video info for more.Link: