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  1. BALUMBALANG! Record By SymoN
  2. [DM] iNitreke ft Sniiper ft L!nK^^ - The old Experience Hello everyone! Today I bring you a new ft .. This map has been finished after a long years, has an old look but also has its updated look, I hope and like it! Thanks to KATGE for this incredible Recor and iNitreke and Sniiper for granting to finish their map.. ••Video••»The old Experience••Music••»Chelsea Cutler - ScriptsFollow Chelsea Cutler••Game••MTA San Andreas»Infernus mod : Micra v5»Lights made by: Nitron»Ultrathing»Subscribe please !!»I hope you like the video.••Want to record your map?••»Contact Me:»Skype: quartztvRegards KATGE
  3. Hey Guys! After a long time, I finally got the map! Today I present to you this good simple map and easy to pass! .. I hope you like it and enjoy! ••Video••»Supremacy II••Music••»Nutronic - Digital UniverseMusic used for entertainment only, under copyright disclaimer section 107.••Game••MTA San Andreas»Infernus mod : Micra v5»Lights made by: Nitron»Ultrathing»Subscribe please !!»I hope you like the video.••Want to record your map?••»Contact Me:»Skype: quartztvRegards KATGE
  4. Experl Geedo Thanks To Gerc for Awesome record!
  5. Hello community, TaZ and I are looking for someone who wants to finish our ft request .. This map has about 1 year and a few months, we have not been able to finish it because TaZ does not have so much time and for my part because recently I lost many maps In a host and I demotivate, which led me to stop with the mapping .. Anyone interested can leave their name with skype, just need to take the map to 3:30 min and do a deco style, can be the one of Norbi .. Greetings ^^ Thanks to Bak for the record!
  6. Hi TG Comunity! I Present today my new ft with RedGTx and Straim.. Hope You Like It! Lonely Nights ♫ Music: Prismo - In My Mind •Facebook: •Twitter: •YouTube: •Instagram: StraimMTA Straim social's for the Papus See you in your bed.
  7. Hello TG Community!Today I'd like to present you a new map by FataL, LaZZ & Boss called 'Reach The Swamp'. The map itself has a really nice, enjoyable track and also some really cool decorations, I hope you all liked it as much as I did. Good job boys! 1080p is advisedContact us via Skype if you want your map recorded:Chipy's skype: juan.videla314ShuX's skype: 2profgamersSincerely, UnseenRecords
  8. Hi guys! I returned this day to present my new map with ShockOne, I hope you like it and enjoy it! ^^ Beautiful Nature III
  9. HI COMUNITY! Today I decided to share my maps with you as it is the end of the year and everything old and done in this year remains .. So good Luck & Have Fun VOLUMENES [DM]LinK v1 - Coming Home: [DM]LinK v2 - Repeat Nature: [DM]LinK v3 - Special For My Friends: [DM]LinK v4 - Repeat Nature II: SOLOS O PROYECTS [DM]LinK - My Pain: [DM]LinK - BackWard Skills: [DM]LinK - For The Love Of Mg: [DM]LinK - For The Love Of Chipy: FEATS [DM]HeRo# ft. LinK - Tropical Island: [DM]MaRTiNTo ft. LinK - Friends For Nature: [DM]LinK ft. Turbo - Bad Skills: [DM]CristiaN ft. LinK - Tropical Paradise III: [DM]LinK ft. Skys - Simple: [DM]LixieN ft. Poison ft. LinK ft. WondeR ft. CG7 ft. GanzoA9 - Friends For Nature II: [DM]Nicolaas ft. LinK - Somewhere to Run: [DM]NexoN ft. CristiaN ft. LinK - NexCriLin Forest: [DM]Extra ft. LinK ft. LockZ - Our Simple Nature: [DM]XzT ft. LinK - Teminite II: [DM]LinK ft. Twin - Coming Home II: [DM]glubschie ft. LinK ft. XzT - Wake Me Up: [DM]SkraXx ft. LinK - Lazarus: [DM]Tx! ft LinK - Trophy: [DM]iNitreke ft. Memphis ft. LinK - Essential Nature: [DM]TheNicO ft LinK ft XzT - Injury Forest II: [DM]CristiaN ft. LinK ft. Derek - Rains Of Fire: [DM]Dioni ft. LinK - Fire Eternal: [DM]LinK ft. Javii ft. Sendy - Walk In The Forest: [DM]CopaS ft. R1KUZ ft. LinK - Forbidden Way: [DM]MaRTiNTo ft. LinK ft. Subrosa - Friends For Nature III: [DM]xTemp ft. LinK ft Zureth ft. Luigi - Golden Empire: [DM]F1DD! ft. LinK ft. Dioni - Always Nature: [DM]FiX ft. BenjaZ ft. NissaN ft. LinK - Candyland: [DM]CristiaN ft. Bak ft. LinK - Magical Paradise II: [DM]LiXuZ ft. RockZ ft. LinK ft. Rul3zZ ft. Dice - Nature Chronicles III: [DM]Chipy ft. KATGE ft. LinK - Loneliness Bright: [DM]CristiaN ft. Maxspeed ft. LinK - Building The Paradise: [DM]Deco ft. LinK ft. Derek - The Hills: [DM]xSecond ft. LinK ft. Jil - Cool Dreams: [DM]XrToR ft. LinK - Tropical Dreamer: [DM]LinK ft. Straim - I Gotta Leave This Place: WAITING [DM]Tx! ft. LinK ft. Maxspeed - Trophy II: [DM]Straim ft. LinK ft. MercY ft. VkkZ - A Thousand Years: WAITING [DM]SK ft. Memphis ft. LinK - Everlasting III: [DM]CristiaN ft. LinK ft. Straim - Times Like These: WAITING [DM]SlipknoT ft. Maxspeed ft. LinK - Different Nature IV: [DM]LinK ft. Javii ft. Sendy - Walk In The Forest II: [DM]XrToR ft. LinK ft. DiatroN - Tropical Dreamer II: [DM]iNitreke ft. QuartZ ft. Qwince ft. LinK - Cave Nature: HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!
  10. ❦ Different Nature IV ❦ Thanks to Straim for this awesome record!
  11. Hi guys I present my new ft with SK and Memphis Called Everlasting III, Hope you Like it! ^^ Thanks to PhyZe for this awesome record & edit!! Kind regards
  12. [DM] Phantom. ft. vSauk'z - Virus Skills

    Your all maps no have videos.. why?
  13. Hi guys back to mapping again, today I present a new ft with Straim is back! I hope you like it ^^ #PRAY4TARKAAN
  14. Hey Guys!! I'm glad to present you the map of called Our Simple Nature. We hope that you enjoy it! Infernus mod by CsaweeLed Lights by CsaweeEdited with Sony Vegas 13.Recorded by QuartZ
  15. [DM] L!nK v3 - Special For My Friends mateito1233Song: Bebe Rexha - I Cant Stop Drinking About You (Culture Code Remix)