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  1. Update: now you can download it from GameModding website hope you like it ^^ have a nice day
  2. First of all it's an old mod that I didn't like it at all, but after sharing photo with ENB some people liked it, and I only create these things for fun, I'm having fun with making these mods, I wasn't going to share it at all, but some request it, btw I see you attracting my mods... lol @Impzy ;) have a nice day ..
  3. thanks fellas for your feedback ^^
  4. Hello Everybody, I'd like to present you my new Infernus, so I know a lot of you guys are going to say "nothing new" but the reason I'm sharing this mod is because the modding forum has almost died, so I tried to keep it little bit alive, in addition to that I was bored and I don't play MTA so much, so I tried to make an Infernus in my free time and keep it simple as much as I can, here is it: MORE PICTURES And here is a video 1-min long: If you want the Infernus please contact me on skype: Amer.Max2 or you can just download it from > GameModding Website < Best Regards BlueRay'
  5. Hello fellas ; so as some of you know I've created my last mod and share it , so I was think about share other mods before I leave ; so I'm here to day to share with you guys special mods that created for guys that request for me that , there they are hope you like them MY Private MODS : 1st : Infernus V.10S 2nd : Mix of V9,V10 MOD Created for Reflex : edited from the inside too , but no pictures at the moment , will be added later MOD Created for Troy : 1st YouTube vid : 2nd YouTube vid : photos will be uploaded later ... DOWNLOAD LINK Best Regards, BlueRay
  6. photoshop ? for what ? , no ...
  7. well , its last thing that i'll create ,i have to say i got nothin in mind... but this what i got at thins moment ,and thanks G !
  8. HELLO Fellas !; its been along time ,so I'm here to present you my V11 Infernus which is my last mod that will be created ,and yea hope you like it guys pictures: with my Edited ENB: Download link :!kRg0wKxb!mihfaNS0xPb43kgrYbNfvLhVedq3CsNUp-bWZHGAkg4 so yeah wish you all the best and hope you guys enjoy it , maybe I'll catch you later guys CYA ! Best regards ,BlueRay
  9. blocked ... anyways i fix it , uploaded form mega
  10. Fast in sharing , any ways download link fixed !
  11. Now it works :) sorry about it
  12. DOWNLOAD LINK added ! , any bugs send me PM or Skype: Amer.max2 , enjoy it have a nice day
  13. i only Published elegy without spoiler [Mini Spoiler] , other versions will be shared later ... or contact me on Skype : Amer.Max2 Btw the front from Dodge SRT ;) , thanks again...
  14. Picture of it is now up
  15. Thanks you all :) , Download link added