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  1. What kind of script did TG blocked? WATER Scripts? Palm Script? Those two won't even loads!

  2. Don't u remember me rasp? ;c

  3. Dafuq am I doing with my life?

  4. kh3 from rountex to xt4ngy lol

  5. [DM] BrendaN ft. Dean - Invincible

    Noice Nao
  6. GeroX vol.7 - Just 9 Months

    pro 3d text.
  7. I wish  Moles were banned.

  8. what would happen if TG died? Where's TG 3.0? Is it fake or real? 

    1. Arsalahmed786


      Nah, Player are back day by day 2 days ago we got 50+ Players.

      TG just want some hard work to do on 2.0 Server to keep player on it such as events Etc. Yesterday Chronik and me did event everyone enjoyed it.

      about 3.0 there Main developer and designer focused on it.

    2. Mazen


      designer !! 

      designer !! 

      designer !! 

      designer !! 


      It's real, But there are many troubles in TG, so they need to work harder And don't be one of the people who leaves TG, i admit that i said TG is dead and it's really dead And if you leave TG others will see that TG dead and leave.

    3. Arsalahmed786


      @Mazen This time i'll never leave TG and we'll bring players back ASAP.

  9. Moles, lol <3.

    fk u moles ez
  10. isn't naval birthday has passed?

    1. Heibara


      who cares


  11. Hello Community of Twisted Gamers, Today I want to present a map called "Skills Not Included". This map were made by Fro and Oxygen. It's really enjoyable map and It's a little bit buggy. That's why I fixed some parts by my Own. Especially, Space + A part which is literally a backwards part and It's buggy. I removed the Rooflite so that part is possible to pass. With Rooflite, It's not passable and yeah. I know the video are more faster than usual because of my FPS ingame while recording 1080p. So, I hope you guys enjoyed it :) Video: Credits: Infernus: vM1cra V5 remake by BlueRay (Private) Light: BMW M5 By NitroN (Requested by Swalox) Song: Illenium - Leaving Want your map record? Contact me on: Skype: Discord: xT4ngY YT#1665 Plus, I won't record any hard maps anymore. No more hard map request. P.S: Huge Thank you to @BlueRay98 for Making me an Infernus. I really Appreciate his work even though is spent his free time just to make an Infernus. Thank You @BlueRay98 once again. Download link:
  12. WorldFlower Hit a bong in Austria! <3

    oh khe
  13. Shondex ft. Chipy - Komon