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  1. isn't naval birthday has passed?

  2. Hello Community of Twisted Gamers, Today I want to present a map called "Skills Not Included". This map were made by Fro and Oxygen. It's really enjoyable map and It's a little bit buggy. That's why I fixed some parts by my Own. Especially, Space + A part which is literally a backwards part and It's buggy. I removed the Rooflite so that part is possible to pass. With Rooflite, It's not passable and yeah. I know the video are more faster than usual because of my FPS ingame while recording 1080p. So, I hope you guys enjoyed it :) Video: Credits: Infernus: vM1cra V5 remake by BlueRay (Private) Light: BMW M5 By NitroN (Requested by Swalox) Song: Illenium - Leaving Want your map record? Contact me on: Skype: Discord: xT4ngY YT#1665 Plus, I won't record any hard maps anymore. No more hard map request. P.S: Huge Thank you to @BlueRay98 for Making me an Infernus. I really Appreciate his work even though is spent his free time just to make an Infernus. Thank You @BlueRay98 once again. Download link:
  3. WorldFlower Hit a bong in Austria! <3

    oh khe
  4. Shondex ft. Chipy - Komon

  5. Happy Birthday Mate. Love ya 

    1. PRODaN


      Thank you mate, loves back xd

  6. [DM] Ranox Ft. Scream - Unseen Ability

    Nice! I've seen you have lag while using ENB. ENB is not recommended and do not make long ass cinematic. It's just a waste of time basically. Use UltraThing instead if you don't want any lag. Regardly xT4ngY
  7. After a months of trying, I finally finished UNMATCHED on TG. xxdxd

    1. gemi
    2. Heibara


      well that is a big thing for a noob like u gz:579dcf9c570ac_EmojiSmiley-05:


    3. RounteX
  8. [DM] NeiT ft. Gteatero ft. Rage# - Serendipity 2

    thx to tero i played the one without deco on pablow mapping sv. - xT4ngY
  9. [DM] CreaX v1 - Unstoppable Skills

    Hey Guys. Today I proudly present you, a map name Unstoppable Skills made by CreaX (Spanish Mapper). This map is hard for non-skills player like me. It's also not enjoyable for WFF player than hate HDM basically. So, that's all. Sorry for the cinematic. It's broken Credits: Infernus: By CreaX Light: By CreaX (Don't know the name) Song: Donkey Rollers - Life Or Deaths Quality looks like shit. Need to learn After Effects. Shit QUALITY!
  10. [DM] DeLeTe ft. Pixel - Evergreen [Quality Test]

    I thought it was NitroN. But It looks cool! Keep It Up with 1440p :D
  11. Happy Birthday (Gay)

  12. [DM] DaXx Vol.1 - Tropical Resort

    ah....... Wish tampon could record it. But still an amazing map DaXx. New style to the DM Community. Keep It Up!
  13. Happy birthday Designer :)