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  1. Thenico ft PCHZY - Greefighay

    - Greefighay - * After months without pc I have been able to upload video of this map *
  2. Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Good job @DiatroN @Cumb1erO. @Krew
  3. chatbox bug?

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    2. xT4ngY


      KHE WATON XDdxdxdxdxd

    3. TRtam




    4. xT4ngY


      [DM] TheNicO ft. TRtam ft. xT4ngY - Khe Waton xdxdxd

  4. - Dedicated to Needed Skill - PD: Para aquellos estúpidos que dirán que copie casi todo del map, Por mi digan lo que quieran, al map lo hice como quiera para Gus. Yo hice el map como se me dio la ganas. :)
  5. Greck's maps

  6. Hotfix Update | TG 3.0 | Member Update

    Dale hypex has algo para que puedan revivir a TG ! suerte amigo
  7. Thenico - Drowning of Fumes 2

    Thanks to SymoN
  8. Final News of 2016

    &%*$ i want join beta :C
  9. Let's get the party started

    quiero ver el beta wachem
  10. thenico maps /wachin

    Last maps: Add 5 maps old feat Work it - bw part fix, script jump fix Tropical Summer 1 - fix hunter part We Re Feeling 1 - fix part roadtrain and hunter We Re Feeling 2 - fix part ELeMenT and SergiO part FabricatioN 3 - fix chipy part and hunter part ps: If you have any bug with the map can tell me thanks! skype: thenico.mta231 DL:!N5JwDTZJ!bIuTorTLDkpsx6vIXHQJfreWwsDacTQZfNb_orGXn-w
  11. thenico maps /wachin

    Last fixed maps;Another Day III - fixed part hunter & add markersCoone - fixed spawn & fixed scInjury Forest 1 - fixed TaTo part - fixed Joaq partInjurt Forest 2 - fixed sc partSending My Love 3 - fixed part stuntplane and add new part-------------------v1 - fixed scriptsv3 - add new markersv4 - fixed sc and fixed partsv5 - fixed bugs and hunter part newv6 - fixed part stuntplane and fixed markersv7 - fixed part wallridev8 - fixed part "press D + space"DL :!MwAmHBIR!wKfwsNGwKx9s6fT_DewbywUDRYgnEaBbJMMBRbrIj1Qps: If you have any bug with the map can tell me thanks!
  12. We will never die!

    Good luck Mister puto