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  1. welcome back
  2. Congratz everyone, especially @fano23, you deserved it since long time ago :D
  3. Thank you for your report. He will be properly punished.
  4. Thank you for your report, he will be punished.
  5. Congratulations @Hope, @Bullet:3, @Tron., @IntreLeX, @Break and @SquoniX. Your persistence has been rewarded @SquoniX! Don't waste this amazing opportunity you all, new trials, have on your hands now, good luck! Congratulations @MisterQuestions for being promoted, you really deserve it. For those who didn't be accepted this time don't give up and follow @SquoniX example of persistence. We just have some sad news about former members, but I agree we are having even more good news and, in fact, working together we will make TG great again!
  6. Server is back! Let's enjoy together in-game! We are waiting for you!

  7. Welcome new trials ! @Krew, @Cumb1erO., @DiatroN, @Mazda, @Xizen and @Doxiu. Do not waste this awesome opportunity you have in your hands now. For those who is out, don't give up. This is the key of success not only on TG but even in your own lives.
  8. welcome
  9. #makeTGgreatagain
  10. Thank you for your suggestion! We are going to discuss it internally, I don't promise anything though.
  11. Congratz @Surflexy, welcome @HyPeX !
  12. 19 Years old, God bless you @No1seTG :579dcf9b89edd_EmojiSmiley-01:

  13. It was useful for me. I am updating my video card now. Tnx
  14. I am very grateful of being accepted as full member of this lovely community. Congrats @No1seTG and @Vetor3x for their same accomplishment and for those who will have the chance to test the beta server with us as well. We had some sad news with kick of some members but let's look forward and, as always, let's #MakeTGgreatAgain.