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  1. The End Of My Journey

    NOOOOOOOOO :( but good luck tangyyy :(
  2. still in 2017 so shush

    1. MisterQuestions


      We're still in the same year, nais.

  3. Now this looks clean ! gj Keep it up
  4. Hello everyone , my friend Coronet is looking for 1 or 2 mappers to finish this amazing map if you're interested in finishing this map leave a comment down below or contact Coronet ! 1080p60 is advised Song : Major Look - Legacy (Feat. Alex Phillips)
  5. [DM] D4sjokeR vol 10 Say Goodbye II

    Great map also dope record, Keep it up!
  6. Please unban me, I made a big mistake, I'm not going to do that. I was banned for multi account. I very much want to play on Your server. Please login Nikita221 my nickname in the game SurpriSe*<3 I haven't played on your server, really, want to play.

    1. SquoniX


      Creating a status update won't help you one bit.

      You need to create a ban appeal here.

  7. Thank you for this opportunity guys I/we will not let you down !
  8. Hola Prro regreso :'v
  9. i'm back

    Ayeee Roddy Welcome back
  10. Nothing is on my mind ... wp

    1. gemi


      Thomas: I'm from 13 years old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. HRD


      ªNothingª actually is in your mind

      its some psychologic games i make

    3. Thomas



  11. The pug leaves TG

    Cya tonyxo ! gl in your future :D