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  1. It is a really nice montage, the quality is nice as well. Good job, nice skills you got there.
  2. As far as I know, accounts are never deleted. As for the maps, I don't know. I know you are not happy with the outcome of your report, but you must accept the fact that you can be wrong sometimes. It is not something over which you should leave a community. Whenever people with different backgrounds and personalities meet, there are bound to be some conflicts. You both had a problem, that is why we have a board dedicated to solving these conflicts. In the end, just forget about it and move on.
  3. Good job, I like it. I am looking forward to more content from you and as always, keep it up.
  4. Stop clicking on "5 hot girls near you in Tel Aviv" on porn sites, and you will be fine, @ZeldaK.
  5. You should have included AniMoGeR7's Turn it Up map.
  6. Haha, I know the hairstyle is messed up.
  7. CTF

    I like many CTF maps actually, but my favourite map is: AniMoGeR7 - Turn it Up. Other maps which I like are: BuDyA's Morning Glory Tirnano - Through The Yard .L@kSh^ Ft. RadheN Ft. VoLTiMe* + Go For it+ Arezu feat. NeXTreme - Aerial Surge (and V2) V1sh4L ft. ReazZon - Supernatural Rapist - Rape the damn flag BreAkeR - Everything Is Possible UppeR ft. Dani - Desert flags
  8. Good editing (you can see the cursor from 0:00-0:03 and 0:06-0:08 though), and the map is nice, that is all I have to say. It is a simple video, and that is why I like it. Good job, legend.
  9. AFAIK, a new server with better bandwidth will be used when TG 3 will be launched.
  10. After talking to @fano23, we have decided to ban all five of your old accounts: @Stroiter, @Stroiter2, @Stroiterr, @Stroit3r and @Tecla1. You are allowed to use your current account. If I see another report against you (doesn't matter what type of report it is), it will just show that you still haven't changed. Good luck, I hope you become a better person from now on, let this be a lesson.
  11. The limit was removed for a reason, I still remember waiting 10 minutes for those "air" battles to end. @Pitko, I think, was the one to limit jumps which in my opinion was not a good way of solving this problem. Instead of that, we reduced the time limit to something more reasonable. Well, there can be a system where when more players are playing, the time limit increases as well (5 players - 5 minutes, 20 players - 10 minutes and so on), but sometimes, when there are more players, some matches tend to end quickly, so I don't know if it will really work (whereas when only 5 players are playing, it may take more time to end the round), it is all about luck to be honest.
  12. I don't know, it's working totally fine for me while others are running into many problems, weird... If you guys have any other suggestion(s), I will include it/them in the topic. Just suggest something simple, more complex suggestions should be for TG 3.
  13. You should be permanently banned, but it doesn't even matter, you will never be respected anywhere in MTA:SA. You could have easily told us that you are Stroiter, and we would have probably unbanned you, but no, you are Stroiter, the same old annoying person. You had to annoy me every time I joined the server or forums. How many chances do you want? Tommeh gave everyone a chance, yet you ban evaded again. I believe everyone can change, but you, you have already wasted several chances. Let me tell you, when I was not in this clan, I saw how lenient the administration was. They were even lenient towards you, but you disobeyed the rules at every step. I don't think you can change, you said you changed your name to Hardy to get the dirt off your name since it was Stroiter earlier, but the truth is that this new "persona" of yours is just as bad.
  14. As far as I know, Happy Hour is working. If it is not working, I will contact the developers and tell them to enable the script. As for the features, I personally don't like double exp, but it is too late to change anything. When it comes to free map purchases, 3 maps are way too less, I would consider 10 maps to be enough.