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  2. Happy Birthday Chroneb! <3

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  3. Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are, happy birthday bro.

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  6. Congratulations to everybody! Kick Radhen please.
  7. Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Congratulation and good luck!
  8. Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    Congratulation everybody!
  9. Clan War Bets

    TG 15 - 5 ftw
  10. Clan War Bets

    TG 15 - 5 Ne
  11. Clan War Bets

    TG 13 - 7 Wanderers
  12. Top 5 your TV Series

    I watch Scorpion, Empire, Quantico since the first episode and still watching them. I could not classify them since I really like them all three so I wrote them in the order I started to watch these series. I watched some other series but not entirely just some episodes so it is useless to mention them here.
  13. Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Congratulation to our new trials and new full members you all deserve it! For other guys do not lose hope join requests are still opened, there are some other people who just came back show us you are really back and I am sure you could make it too. ;)