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  1. [THEME] Twisted Gamers 'SX-MAS'

    A-we-someee once again! I realy appreciate the themes you make and you get my sincelery compliments for that!
  2. First of all Dan, my sincelery compliments for this well written announcement! I am glad to have been given this wonderful oppurtunity to be working as a shooter manager, it is a big honor and something I have been realy achieving for! I would also like to thanks each of you for the believe in me and would like to congratulate one of my best friends for joining the team! @Boudi. Congratulations my friend, it is defenitely well deserved! I believe the ranks have been given to the completely right persons and I am sure none of them will dissapoint the leadership or community, let's make TG great again!! #mousyforpresident Keep on rocking guys! Never give up! ~
  3. [THEME] Twisted Gamers Halloween

    Woahhh that is amazing the thing go skrrr!
  4. What are you listening at the moment?

    The 3 most famous rappers in my country in 1 damn sexy song! <3
  5. Peace, It's me AbedY.

    Welcome to the server and enjoy your stay around here!
  6. SnowY (ProSnowy)

    Welcome back and enjoy your stay around here!
  7. Oleg's Introduction

    Welcome to the server Oleg, enjoy your stay around here!
  8. Happy birthday Chro! Enjoy your day :579dcf9c20b86_EmojiSmiley-04:

    1. ChroniK


      Thank! :579dcf9be4b5a_EmojiSmiley-03:

  9. Both fantastic edit and map! Goodjob boyss
  10. I'm back !!

    Welcome back Sh0w! Glad to see and hear you're back!
  11. Oh my god, this is just amazing! Well done!
  12. Oh my god! I can't believe what I am about to see right now, I would like to thank you for this wonderful oppurtunity and I would like to thank all of you for the sweet commends and replies! I'd also like to say congratulations to the fellas who joined aswell!

    My sincelery compliments for this amazing map, it contains some interesting map structures and the editing is done beutifuly aswell!