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  1. Happy birthday Chro! Enjoy your day :579dcf9c20b86_EmojiSmiley-04:

    1. ChroniK


      Thank! :579dcf9be4b5a_EmojiSmiley-03:

  2. Both fantastic edit and map! Goodjob boyss
  3. I'm back !!

    Welcome back Sh0w! Glad to see and hear you're back!
  4. Oh my god, this is just amazing! Well done!
  5. Graphic Designs.

    I quite liked them, they look realy proffesional, well done! Keep it up MaZen!
  6. Oh my god! I can't believe what I am about to see right now, I would like to thank you for this wonderful oppurtunity and I would like to thank all of you for the sweet commends and replies! I'd also like to say congratulations to the fellas who joined aswell!

    My sincelery compliments for this amazing map, it contains some interesting map structures and the editing is done beutifuly aswell!
  8. [THEME] Twisted Gamers v2

    I am using the first version but that is the past now! Surely gonna use this one, it is amazing!
  9. DS|ArSaL is Back to TG

    Welcome back ArsaL!
  10. The end of my adventure

    It is indeed sad to see people leaving, I wish you the best of luck in your real life and with your career on MTA. I would also like to thank you for your contribution to the server! Goodluck once again!
  11. [DM] DarkyZ^^ v5 - The Fate

    Awesome map aswell as the record! My sincelery compliments
  12. The topic has been updated because the topic was fairly outdated. Now it contains a few more tips to use and I optimized the topic a bit so you could have a better time scrolling through it.
  13. low FPS

    Please let us know if the problem is fixed. @inder There are a few more things you could do to fix your problem which are playing a main factor in your gaming performance and is the key for low end pc's to get their FPS boosted which are: Disabling the services and startup applications (Click me to reproduce it) Adjust your pc to use better performance (Click me to reproduce it) Keep your PC clear and fresh so it can use its maximum power to focus on gaming (Click me to download CC Cleaner) These points provided above should give it a certainly noticable boost and I hope I helped you with your problem, try them out and let me know please. I got some other possible solutions which you may want to try but try these ones above first as it's key to use at the first place. @inder Is your problem fixed? Please let me know in this topic or in a seperate pm. I got a few new solutions to try out for you if needed. (Sorry for double posting, merge if necessery)
  14. low FPS

    Dear Inder, Check out the following topic(s) which provide some realy useful tips and tricks to fix your fps issues: I hope with this information your problem is fixed. My pm is open if you do not understand a thing. Goodluck fixing your problem!
  15. i'm back

    Welcome back Roddy!