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  1. [DM] V4 Vol.1 - Artifıcial Nocturne

    Good map , but i have question for you vishal. why you don't put FFS intro in your videos
  2. [DM] NeiT - Dark Forest II

    you have learned vishal great map.
  3. A career in MTA ends here

    i'll miss your bans , good luck in ur life
  4. Im also leaving MTA

    This is the life, it just the positions i wish you good luck in future
  5. simple map :) and great job also good luck :)
  6. Expose yourself.

    7maaaaaaar miss you :P Friends are the family you choose
  7. Castiell's New Quality Test #2 1440P 60 FPS

    nice quality, I cant even play ,to record also :P
  8. The mind is in the body  :P