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  1. Hey guys, today I'm presenting you my newest Infernus Mod the: Police Infernus (Speed Enforcement). After I asked some people how it would be to have an Infernus with an decent NFS Police Design and they wanted me to do one I decided to create one right away. This Infernus is available with Blinking Police Lights (like on the Screenshots) and even without them. So here it is: Here is the Download Link: Download Hope you like it. Best regards DaXx
  2. Hey guys, today I'm going to present you the next Infernus mod I've made. It's the Infernus Dx3 with a Paintjob Designed after a Rusted theme that I call Rusted Racer. Here it is: Here is the download link: Download Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Best regards DaXx
  3. Hey guys, Today I present you the 2.0 Infernus I made for |-nTL-|Nothing to Lose. It has got an highly tuned Design on a theme like in Need for Speed Games. You can feel free to request an Infernus for your Clan as well or even for the Server you like. Here it is: Here is the download link: Download I hope you enjoy it and also leave a Like and some Feedback. Best regards DaXx
  4. Hey guys, since I realized that the last Project didn't went as well as I thought I got back to creating normal Infernus mods and much People were waiting for that honestly, I know for MTA and especially in DM the Classic Infernus with some Tuning is and will ever be the best for now on. So today I'm releasing 2 Brand New Infernus Mods: 1. The Infernus Dx1, it's about a Classic Tommy Kaira Tuning also with the Original Designed Paintjob like it the Tommy Kaira Cars got in Games like "Gran Turismo". 2. The Infernus Dx2, it has got some Need for Speed like Tuning since I thought back to the roots of why I'm playing Racing Games, I also tried to add a decent NFS like Street Racing Paintjob and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Here you got the download link: Download As always I hope you like what I did and also enjoy it. Best regards DaXx
  5. [DM] DaXx Vol.1 - Tropical Resort

    So your as dumb as the others from ffs ^^ This Objects never existed for mta before and it's themed on a game called Sonic Colors (Torpical-Resort Stage to be exact) and Indeed I recreated the Objects since they can't be there as mta models out of nothing btw the guy on gamebanana also recreated that models for the game he is using them in since the Original models are in a format that only the nintendo Wii supports. Stop beeing so dumb and everything is fine. :)
  6. Hey guys, today I'm finally releasing my first DM Map, it's fully made with custom objects made by me. This Map is made for showing a new Mapping style I'm bringing to MTA's DM Community, since it's a Map to show what's possible it isn't that hard to pass actually and it's also a short map. The next maps will be a bigger challenge to pass and be as long as Normal DM maps (3-4 Minutes). I'm also accepting ft. request if the idea of the Map concept is good. Enjoy: Watching in HD is recommended. Download
  7. There will be deco but I'm doing the models in a low-middle quality so everyone can enjoy the map :)
  8. Since it's a themed 3D Modelled map a changelog and updates are a good idea tho since it's not like a regular DM map.
  9. Hey all, here is something I want to show to the community. It's the start of my Halo themed DM map called [DM]DaXx Vol.1 - Halo, I'm going to post updates with changelogs time by time on every further progress I'm doing on the map. The map will be made out of custom objects only all made by me. Here is the 1% Completed Version (20% of the Spawn) I Hope you guys enjoy that little Sneak Peek and I also hope that you are following the further Process updates. That's it for now. Best Regards DaXx
  10. The new Infernus Era!

    Thanks for all the nice replies and I'm still looking forward for much more feedback doesn't matter if good or bad there is always a thing to improve. Thank you my friend @SquoniX
  11. The new Infernus Era!

    Ask Bindz/BindzX for it I'll tell him to reply for you here. :)
  12. The new Infernus Era!

    The vid is made by one of my Testers Bindz,BindzX he's a great guys so far :3
  13. Hello guys, today is the final Day after 1 Year of testing the whole game physics to make this possible, also after multiple tests with tons of models of this kind, I achieved to create a NEW ERA of Infernus mods. This will change the whole gaming experience for everyone, they game will look better and even more epic if you will, this my friends is a great Day in the History of MTA. This my friends is a completly new Level of Modelling. About the Models: The Models (Cars) are in an decent HD Style what makes them look extremely great and beautiful, the point that I wanted to reach is making the gaming experience for everyone more exciting and as I saw on my testers they really enjoyed it, these kind of Infernus mods are looking different, BUT they are driveable exactly the same way as the Infernus so they are compatible with all stuff for that you generally need the Original Infernus or an Normal Modded Infernus Modell. All in All guys, This is the Start of something really Big and I hope you will enjoy it as I do, and as my Testers did. The first mod of this New Era Infernus Project is an Bugatti Chiron (Vision GT) and to give you a little taste about it I'm freely releasing it here, and there is one more great Point for you my friends: All of the New Era Infernus mods I'm creating now are completly for FREE for EVERYONE. Here are the Screenshots and a Video made by one of my Testers his name is Bindz,BindzX. If you want him to record something for you you can also contact him via skype: fi9eel So here we go after long words: Here is the Video in that you can see everything works fine: (Best watch it in the Highest Quality possible for you) till 1440p available. And here is the long awaited Download Link: Download As always I hope you will enjoy it and if you have special wishes feel free to tell me via Skype: chris.ramm3 Best Regards DaXx
  14. Well I prefer you guys to do them by yourself and also in a format like I did and not just a mustered picture from google.