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  1. WorldFlower - MAPS

  2. happy new year folks ♥

  3. The Tower - GTA V Machinima

    your work is incredible amazing, the cinematic quality and the details are really nice!
  4. What's Going on Now?

    first nig
  5. Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays
  6. 4gJPSP0.png

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    2. Mazda


      thats why i dont play anymore hhh

    3. MarkWebb


      '' DS|ArSaL~:B2S//: brazilian kids ''

    4. Co2


      Go brother from another mother

  7. [DM] Coronet vol.3 - Millennium!

    naisu mapu
  8. [THEME] Twisted Gamers 'SX-MAS'

    aye I knew someone would notice it xd
  9. [THEME] Twisted Gamers 'SX-MAS'

    Hi hi folks, I been working on this fancy theme lately and I'm already coming up with its release, I'd also work on an Infernus skin christmas themed but unfortunately I had an issue with gta/ggmm and gave up xd. So here we go with some screenshots preview ( it looks pretty better in-game though) Wallpaper: Download here How to install: Stay tuned for any further update and please report any bug/issue just in case * Reminder: I recommend you to use it in 1920x1080 resolution & English language I hope you all enjoy it and mainly Merry Christmas ♥, sx.
  10. Spawn changer rotation

    hi this is a simple issue report as I noticed lately, car rotations doesn't work when switching spawns by using keyboard arrows ( car position switches while pressing the keys but the car rotation stays as the first spawn one ) didnt get it ? well it's like you change your spawn position but your car rotation goes backward while other players which didnt change their spawn are fine ps: just figured out that it happens in some maps only, not all of them though
  11. Report System Bug with Donator

    I see you know very well about their progress, I'm deeply amazed with your clever information