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  1. Might work on a new mapping episode with Kiwi soon :579dcf9c8b822_EmojiSmiley-06:

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    2. GeroX


      we don't want to see more maps from you

    3. Known
    4. GeroX


      Just kidding, good luck with it fella

  2. Anyone plays Rainbow Sixsiege? :ph34r:

  3. HbPmoZK.gif

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    2. NoNameZ


      This is what happens when Unknown tries to make a skilled part


    3. Bullet:3


      oh yes :*

    4. gemi
  4. Too sad I paid for it D:
  5. The new theme needs a few improvements but It is indeed much better than the previous messy one. Good to see some progress ;)

  6. Look at the way you're writting.. I guess i know why nobody bothered himself checking your maps.
  7. Good map.. But what's up with that crap effect?
  8. Hello everybody. It has been months since the last episode and the reason behind that is my inactivity. How ever, i'm back now more powerful than ever and ready to get back in duty. We've got a special mapper with us today, Armani. A big welcome to the russian known with his stereo mexico maps! . Enjoy watching & have a great day! (I excuse for the length of the video) -Song1: Click me -Song2: Click me
  9. Sorry for the very late answer @-illvesion-. You simply /start the resource and the draw is set to its maximum.
  10. Updated the topic with new tools and working link.
  11. And.... this reminds you of...x)? @V1SH4L
  12. Congratulations. Finally, my brother did it. @DiablO. ^ @SquoniX Take him as an example, it was his fourth join request