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  1. Cookie ft. Every - Shine again

    Cool map & fine edit, well done^^
  2. [DM] DaXx Vol.1 - Tropical Resort

    There's a big difference between "It's fully made with custom objects made by me" and "I recreated the objects". What am I dumb for? For recommending to give credits to the original author or giving my very personal input regarding the map? That's not an appropriate way to talk to a staff member or any other player. You should accept criticism and learn from your mistakes. Edit: Topic locked to prevent further fights.
  3. [DM] DaXx Vol.1 - Tropical Resort

    You claim that the custom objects were made by you, are you sure? The track could be much better as it feels like a race map. However, It's still different than the usual recent DM maps. Not bad after all. (ps: Better give credits next time so you won't get much hate) cheers.
  4. I'll be back home on Sunday, I can't wait ^^

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    2. RounteX


      can't wait to play mta i guess

    3. Zeist


      msg me when ur back bro ;)

    4. Heibara


      waiting for ya babyh


  5. Starting fresh again - Ipe5brk.jpg

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    2. GeroX


      looks terrible kys stop mapping.


    3. Known


      Like always, gerox neb

      Like always, gerox neb

    4. Antadorea


      lemme feat please admyn

      lemme feat please admyn

  6. Linter Design Shop

    @dominat6688 Just work on it, I'll pay you whenever we meet in the server.
  7. Linter Design Shop

    Render: First Text: KnOwN Second Text: TV Any Extra: I want you to use the following CC #bbff00Kn#eebb00OwN - For "TV", just find a color that would match up. (Animated)
  8. unknown.png?width=1204&height=678

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    2. SquoniX


      No, our society is very racist nowadays. Look at these innocent Arabians, Chinese, Indians, latinos and blacks, such good people, but they are being pinned down by the white supremacist groups (ignore the positive stereotyping). 

      Our whole world is racist. Hell, even these snakes are because they don't eat spicy Indians for they know that one bite will release an eternal fountain of curry and pour it down into a huge call centre (as big as your supremacy). 

      We should unite, rise up and fight back. We are the social justice warriors. 

      We support gender equality (more women's rights than men's rights, ignore the hypocrisy) and LGBT. Please ignore those YouTube memes about SJWs getting wrecked, it's just brainwashing  and propoganda at work. 

    3. Canky
    4. Tron.


      The answer is 15.5 billions isn't enough. kno

  9. The new Infernus Era!

    Ay, you definitely improved. Nice one, me likey!
  10. Might work on a new mapping episode with Kiwi soon :579dcf9c8b822_EmojiSmiley-06:

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    2. GeroX


      we don't want to see more maps from you

    3. Known


      Ok cool

    4. GeroX


      Just kidding, good luck with it fella

  11. Anyone plays Rainbow Sixsiege? :ph34r:

  12. PAYDAY 2 is for free.

    Too sad I paid for it D: