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  1. WorldFlower Hit a bong in Austria! <3

  2. [THEME] Twisted Gamers v2

  3. The end of my adventure

    I only said I wasn't involved with your kick as it was Tommeh's decision after all, and now you're blaming me. Good luck treating your next teammates the same way you treated your dearest TG teammates as they were only trying to help you.
  4. So, you have to make the image on your own or could you just search images from Google?
  5. Hello guys! Today ImpzyTV is representing the newest CS:GO video creation by Impzy. #3 - Impzy's Adventures & Funny Moments Yo, if you haven't seen the previous CS:GO videos checc 'em out HERE!
  6. The Truth

  7. ballypllr mapping help

    By hand.
  8. Expose yourself.

  9. BlueRay's Infernus Pulse +

    MTA backed you?
  10. TG 3.0 Preview

    May 7, 2017 (NEW!)
  11. Hello, dear community. On today’s topic we have: our server, member update and TG 3.0. Server. Back. Online! As you may have noticed, we were around a month offline, or you could not join the server - or if you could then you would’ve timed out anyway so it was clear nobody could play on our server for weeks! At first, we were under a mild DDoS attack which led to an unexpected issue on our hosting providers network. It took us a while to locate the issue in the network, but after a long support debate and a dozen of network analysis tests we were able to sort it out. Member update As of 25.04.2017, @Surflexy has unfortunately left us, he had just been promoted to our community manager; he was an important key member for us, as he already was our social media manager and head designer as well… Let’s wish him good luck! Also @Danx left us on 05.04.2017, and @TRtam on 02.05.2017, thanks for what you both did to us and good luck on your future endeavors! Due to this, @MisterQuestions has been promoted to a co-leader, congratulations! I’m sure we’ll be doing great things together. Join requests have been opened since our last recruitment and they will remain opened, so if you didn’t get accepted this time don’t give up! We already handpicked @IntreLeX & @Break for development purposes – congratulations! Our fresh meat in our family this time are: - @Hope - @Bullet:3 - @SquoniX - @Tron. Congratulations! TG 3.0 See our TG 3.0 Preview -topic for a brand-new login panel sneak peek video! That’s it for today’s news. Best regards, Twisted Gamers’ Administration
  12. No, it's just representing old school (gr8tly though), officially it is considered as a CDM map, but if made AT OS'-Era-Time, then it pretty much would have been real old school. Nice map!