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  1. Expose yourself.

  2. @Wolf-Pack cuz he started hating on turtles @frog cuz lagging @V1SH4L cuz best leader
  3. Cities: Skylines discussion.

    @GeroX Your town looks quite dead xD
  4. Cities: Skylines discussion.

    Good job xD
  5. Time to say Bye

    I remember we joined TG at the same time. Anyway, was fun playing with you. :D
  6. The new Infernus Era!

    Finally, did you get a new monitor or so? Your quality improved alot, atleast I can't see the pixels anymore like usual ^^ Jokes aside, the mod looks really good, it looks almost perfect. In my opinion this is your best car mod so far. Keep up the good work, you're improving alot!
  7. Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    Ohh please, It's just a joke man. Login panel looks really cool and clean, probably the best I've seen.
  8. Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    Congratz @Tron.. Login panel has a gta v background, cmon i mean please..
  9. I am finally back.

    Time will show if you really changed. Altho it's good to see you again, welcome!
  10. I'm back!

    Hi Hipi
  11. Challenge Accepted WazeR#

    Perhaps too many after effects? XD
  12. We will never die!

    Lets see how this will work out, good luck