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  1. What's Going on Now?

    Nice news, can't wait for 3.0. Well written @MisterQuestions
  2. Name, nickname(s), location and age: Firstly, my real name is Christian. I'm 21 years old and living the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. My MTA nickname is Paranoid since I started the game. Never changed. MTA Career: My MTA story started in 2009 or 2010. I was played San Andreas SA:MP when I discovered MTA. The first server was FFS and lot small noname server. The first gamemode in my MTA life was DD, but i bored after few month. Here comes to the picture the DM. There were just few DM maps, really really os ones, but I started to fall in love with the gamemode. I played a lot on FFS, and I remember my first favourite DM map "Never Be Alone". I never forgot this one. After when these maps came out, I started playing on other small server with hungarian friends. In this time I discovered TG too. I started playing shooter here, so that was why I came to TG always in the beginning years. After these early years I decided to join bigger communitys. The Over Powered clan was my first bigger international clan. After this you can see my former clans. When I was member in Clan, I played lot in TG and FFS too with my clantag. I had few inactive time cuz of work/family/school, but always came back and never stopped playing MTA. Previous clans: Small Hungarian Clans in the first 2 year (nFS, iG, HeT, SG...etc not really remember. Always left/clan died. Started map collection here...) [OP] Over Powered (When "White" was the leader, around 2-3 month. Left.) [GoD] Gladiators of Darkness (2-3 year membership, I left from Co-Leader cuz the clan getting inactive.) [PiA] Pro's In Action (Not really remember. I were with Azula and Sharpix. Closed.) [SoR] Squad of Revolution (Member until the clan end with Azula and Division.) [Z] Zurio Gaming (The clan closed cuz of inactivity.) [FTW] FTW Gaming, Then Vigour Gaming. (I was the map uploader for short time, 1-2 month. This was my last clan.) Im sure I missed some clan, I don't really remember all. Let's talk about my map collection career: My maps started when I was iG with my hungarian friends around 2010. Started from 0. We downloaded free maps and got some from friends and uploaded all to the server. When the clan getting inactive I saved all the map from the server before the close. I renamed all map to their normal name cuz its easier to find a file. This system I never stopped. The early years I thought its useless, but suprisingly I won't stop to get new and new ones. With times I realized that a lot server and people needs nice map which they can play. When I reached my 1000. map I was happy. It was so hard from 0, but by time I got more and more contacts. The early years I only focused on OSDM, then only DM. Let's look at the present. Now I have more than 10.000 file, including all of the gamemode. By the years I almost got all what I was needed and expanded my collection to other gamemodes too. It does not mean that I not focus only DM, I just got some maps from other gamemodes too. My collection now reach almost 9.000 map with epic rarity maps too. All my files renamed for the easy search. I think if the maps not, I would not play MTA. My contacts reach around 1000 player/mapper and now I just got the new map when it came out. My collection so exhausted now. Had a lot of work, but it was worth it. As you know or not, I helped TG with 1-2 map pack at the last months, and I managed the Map testing room too until all maps have been tested. Why Do I Want To Join Twisted Gamers: Well. One of my old dream is Twisted Gamers. By the years TG got lot players with skills, but nobody really managed the maps in the server. This why I would like to join here, update the maps to be up to date. I have so many friend here who really wanna play new maps. The server is already good, especially after 3.0. I would like to make this community and family better. I also have admin experience, so I can kick or ban the player's ass when they are hate the server loudly, or break the rules. How would you be useful to us: Of course with my map collection, and map managing skills. I also can be active, or help CW's, but I think I'm not the best DM player. Besides this I can be good admin, manage players and events too. Contacts: sam_white008 Paranoid#7169 PM here. Thank you for reading my story. For any questions, feel free to contact me.
  3. Internal Changes | CTF Tournament Final | News

    Congratz everyone, especially @RadheN :D Well written @PRODaN.