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  1. You will see it soon in TG, we're fixing a sc in the map
  2. PRISMAShine, CSS, Xoder & Money Hey guys, this is a new map which was inspired by the previous generation of maps (old style) to make it feel as if you are back in past as new maps nowadays have completely changed.➠ New? Be sure to like the video and subscribe for great content!➠ Don't forget to check out -➠ Watch in 1080p60 for a better experience. - AUDI.
  3. [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    Thanks to all
  4. [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    SKYPE: feat123123 DISCORD : Sentral#7053
  5. [DM] ShuX ft. Banshee ft. NoType - Sentimental

    Cool, smooth map, I want to play this!
  6. Name, nickname(s), location and age: My name is Jazhiel, my name in-game is Money, I'm 15 years old and I live in Chihuahua, México Former clans: XrC (Xtreme Race Clan) Emp| (Elite Master Players) - I was one of the first members LxG// (Latin Xtreme Gamers) SFS|| (Special for Skills) eF|- (I don't remember the name) Fm| ( I don't remember the name) exe. (exe) A short summary of my MTA career: I started playing MTA in end of 2010, my dad downloaded me this game (MTA) and he just clicked a random server and it was |-XpR-| server , I liked how that gamemode looks, race, jumps, it was smooth, I didn't know how to play that but I enjoyed that, then passed like 2 months and I was bored of |-XpR-|'s server because not much people played in that server and I searched GTA 4 (because it was famous) and I played in a server with references of GTA 4 , I spent a lot of time there , like 1 year and I remember I was bored because I didn't know English and I found TG's server, I met Frankzy (Ex TG's member) and he teached me more about DM, he helped me to do my first top, we played around 1 week together and he invited me to Fellow Team server, there is where I became a pro at DM, a master :v, I spent around 2 years trying to join in FT but I never got that, my English isn't the best so I searched some latins servers, and I found LxG's server, I liked it a lot , people talking spanish in my favorite gamemode, It was incredible, I tried enter in LxG's team and I got it, I played clanwars, I was in a great moment but after 1 year or 2 LxG dead, and I searched more latins servers , that was how I found XrC's server, eF's server, SFS||, then I tried to enter in Europeans servers, I played some months in TfF and I enjoyed it , since Emp| invited me to his clan, I didn't liked it because it was new and I didn't feel cool and I left after 3 weeks, then I saw LxG's server back and I joined there, and it died, again, so I played back in TG's server (2015) I spent the most time of my MTA Carrer, 400 hours, I played with Frankz and EM1N3M , I spent that time and we did a map, but we never finished it. I never tried to join in Twisted Gamers because my English isn't the best and now I'm trying to enter in this incredible clan! Why do I want to join Twisted Gamers?: It's one of my purpose since years, and it's like a dream , be part of a great clan with great members. What are your goals in Twisted Gamers as a member/moderator?: My goals in Twisted Gamers as moderator or member is give fun without breaking the rules, give the welcome to the new ones and invite them to be part of this big family! Forms of contact: Skype: feat123123 Discord: Sentral#7053