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  6. What's your name, nickname, age and location?: My name is Oliver Kubosz. I live in Poland on Silesia in great big city Gliwice. I have a lot of friends and girlfriends. I go to technicalcollege automotive . I forgot to add that I'm 18 years (7 June 1999). I play on Computer a lot in my free time I play soccer and basketball.I have girl Susan = [Zuzia] I spend a lot of time with her and we go training football and after it ,I spend a lot of time on server Twisted Gamers I play Counter Strike GO [CS GO]. I have a rank of gold two. My nickname is RembeR. I am learning mapper and script. My old nick game FineDoG. I can create a forum and I'm interested in HTML . What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My history begins five years ago. My first clan was RPG = [Role Play Game] I was in clan one year. Later my friend created clan Bv| = [Back Wards] I was in this clan one month. After clan Bv| I went to clan sT| = [Seventh Try] I was in clan One Month. Later I was in clan AMG| = [Awesome Mapping and Gaming] I was in clan three months. Friend invited me to clan -1c- [One Celusion] I was in clan Four Months. Later I was in clan FNF// = [Fast and Furious] I was in clan Two Months. Later I joined to clan HsK// = [Hard Style Klown] I was by Three Months and Fusion B5| = [Best Five]. I went to clan |Dws| = [Down with the sickness]. I was Leader in Three clans SoR! = [Squad of Revolution] , TSR// = [The Survivors of Racer] and -RB- = [Redbull] all servers were closed. Later I joined to clan -fts- = [&%*$ The System] I was in clan Five months. ~xS// = [Xtreme Skillers] , I was in clan Two Month about name AP! = [Atrocious Players] Closed Clan . Last my clan this -DG| = [Divinity Gamers] I was by Two Months. Have you been in any other clans?: Gamemode Clan Role RolePlay Role Play Game Admin {Leader} Deathmatch Back Wards Leader Deathmatch Seventh Try Full Member Deathmatch Fast and Furious Full Member Deathmatch Best Five Full Member Deathmatch Squad of Revolution Leader Deathmatch RedBull Leader Deathmatch Hard Style Klown Full Member Deathmatch Xtreme Skillers Full Member Deathmatch Atrocious Players Full Member Deathmatch F u c k The System Full Member {Map Uploader} / Discord Manager Deathmatch The Survivors of Racer Leader Deathmatch Down with the sickness Full Member Deathmatch Divinity Gamers Full Member Deathmatch Awesome Mapping and Gaming Full Member Reasons to Join Twisted Gamers? My reasons to join to clan are good server and good people in clan -|TG|- server. There is a stable quantity of players on server Twisted Gamers There are also good scripts. I like your server and I want to join to your community Twisted Gamers . What can you offer Twisted Gamers? Help clan war and different competitions clan I will record maps from the server Twisted Gamers Active MTA player, Dealing with some sorts of problems, Helping with server, forum, Helping with finding DM or DD maps, My english skills are in good condition, Im humble person, just tell me, if Im doing something you do not tolerate, Im loyal, Sharing my fun Something more to add: -----> Klaudiusz457 -----> RembeR Thank you for reading. Regards, RembeR
  7. Congratz new Trials :)
  8. I'm BACK :)

    Welcome Back ;)
  9. I'm back !!

    Welcome Back ;)