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    i wish i'll be part of TG

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  1. Honestly i feel more smoother server then before. After the resources restarted it's would be better if server reboot. @MisterQuestions

  2. This is how, Almost every donator is poor just because of this Gambling. (Greedy people included me :579dcf9e30167_EmojiSmiley-14:)

    Waiting for events to being a millionaire again xD

  3. Report System Bug with Donator

    Problem isn't solved yet and i think never will be because developer fully focused on 3.0 i think 3.0 very soon. they'll release before 2018 or maybe first January in my opinion.
  4. Clan Destroyed

    i just create new clan with the help of my friends. /Lock this thread
  5. Clan Destroyed

    Updated sorry for misbehavior
  6. Clan Destroyed

    Hi Guys, TG destroyed my clan "The Beast ?illers" actually it's Killers. today i'm just checking whom 26 player on my clan is. i saw 3 guy who i want to kick. someone called oreo when i kick him clan destroyed. i mean wtf men, i just kick then refresh clan destroy rly? please if possible recover it or makes me allow to create new without waiting for 62 Days.
  7. Report System Bug with Donator

    first of all, isn't tonight last night my Donator expired. i don't know anything but everyone can see developer never work on 2.0 so obviously they're working on 3.0.
  8. Report System Bug with Donator

    exactly my donator will be expire tonight and i don't think it's will. about fixing bug TG developer don't pay any attention on 2.0 they working hard on 3.0 Hope they successfully complete it as soon as possible. since past few months they totally stop working on 2.0 i think 3.0 is coming soon. anyways if it's take more time they should've to fix it. Not only that bug there a lots of bugs now a day.
  9. TG Uploader is disabled till 3.0. That means (Disable Forever ?)

    1. PRODaN


      Who told you it will be disabled till the 3.0?
      If you aren't interested in our community and you don't belive in us then search new one for yourself. 
      We don't need players that don't belive in Twisted Gamers.

    2. Arsalahmed786


      xD i was joking i still believe on TG that's why i'm still playing TG instead of other servers.

      and about 3.0 ParanoID said it's disabled till 3.0


    I'm alright bro, but belief me or not it's truth. isn't means Freeroam is shit me also play when i get bore. but TG already can't handle more then 30-40 player it's start lagging. in short TG need to change host not yet when 3.0 release hope they complete it ASAP. By the way it's going [OFF-Topic] /Requesting to admin close this thread. because mazen already gave all the commands.
  11. Can't login to portal

    It's my pleasure bro. /Requesting to admin please close this thread before it's going to spam.
  12. Can't login to portal

    you don't have to create thread about it almost every player faced this issue. and in every problem have own solution. Maybe your cookie is disabled. follow the giving steps. 1. Enable your cookies. then restart browser and try if still same problem apply second steps. 2. Clear cookies,cache and history specially of TG site. then restart browser and try if still same problem change the browser. normally player/member get access by clearing cache if still just use another browser that's all. Hope your problem is solved. if it's done let's us know for admin can close this thread.
  13. Vote for Redo script suggestion

    Hi TG community, i've an suggestion about this /vr script. usually it's work with 70% vote. Suggestion: Let it's depend on Players. For example: Me, Fano and Dan playing Shooter map. Me and Fano used /vr command to redo it. then next map will be restart. but when map redo suddenly someone joined for example sensei joined. so we've used our ability to do vr on this map but Dan and Sensei still can do it. then make will restart again. 70% must required but who didn't /vr last they can do next means each map can played by 3 times. or maybe more but who used /vr then he can't until the map changed. Hope you understand.

    [Off-Topic] about how to play @Mazen already give you all commands. i'm talking about freeroam isn't pretty to add freeroam on MGM server. since it's added TG lagging more. but good luck for those who gonna play on this gamemode. i'll post some suggestion soon when i get free time.
  15. oh it's our hero's Birthday yo!

    Happy Birthday bro