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    i wish i'll be part of TG

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  1. DS|ArSaL is Back to TG

    @Penox. Hi So So sorry for late. Actually i left all forums and game again due to home shifting now. I'm Back to TG again x2 :D i'll play TG again as soon as i got Free time daily.
  2. DS|ArSaL is Back to TG

    @Heibara Thanks and remember me or not? @gemi Thanks mate @Hope thanks you sir. i don't know. you remember me or not.
  3. DS|ArSaL is Back to TG

    @fano23 thanks fano and i'm still remember when i was joined i got many friends but you're First Pro player friend of mine. then pedrin and many more friends
  4. DS|ArSaL is Back to TG

    @SquoniX Congratulations for being a TG member. And i'm still DJ. DS is my old Clan. @Canky DJ is no more lol just kidding. i'm using DS my old clan tag. @Mousy Thanks @Dubst3p Thanks @Mazen Thanks
  5. DS|ArSaL is Back to TG

    Hello everyone, i don't know anybody still remembered me or not. i'm DS|ArSaL actually DS is my old clan i'm still using DS tag i was Old player on TG since 2012-2016. On 2016 starting i left all Games just because of i'm busy. what i did in last year after leaved TG. well i just left TG for making my Own personal server but got fail. then i left MTA:SA and join with my cousin to build websites. now currently I'm working on my own hosting company which provide free game server. (this is not advertisement just introducing what i've done) well i've seen many new Administrator on TG it cooled and nice old Lobby. so guys if you remembered me then i appreciate. and i'm still on Top 100 still wow nobody can beat me in about 2 year. when i left i'm at 25-35 now 49 now i'll back to under 20
  6. Twisted Gamers vs Death On Approach (16-4)

    Good Luck this is a word for who is unlucky But it is TG and it won't need a Luck and Good Luck Word
  7. DS|ArSaL Maps

    Hey, Twisted Gamers so i want to tell you guys. Thats i left Twisted Gamers one month ago. Because of my PC fully Damaged i can't play, Busy/Working i really Miss Twisted Gamers Admins & their member. Good Bye Twisted Gamers And i want to Share my OS/Shooter Maps Download link here More Maps Under constructions. When i'm free i'll complete Good Luck For Tournament i remember passord never give last tournament Prize XD I'll Back SOoOn
  8. News 17.04.16

    late but Congratulation to new trial member. Specially Chronik and Eminem.
  9. login panel doesn't show on my cousin PC

    This Problem has Been Fixed by Myself /lock the thread
  10. login panel doesn't show on my cousin PC

    still problem bro help me please
  11. login panel doesn't show on my cousin PC

    i already did it delete all resource and reinstall mta too but still same problem help me please
  12. login panel doesn't show on my cousin PC

    ok but i don't think i need delete All resources C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources i can just delete TG resource it will re download i'll do this on his PC on this night
  13. Hey guys i'm ArSaL my cousin Faraz joined TG 2Week's ago he have lose this PC ram he changed after the changed new ram idk what happen TG server Connecting fine but doesn't show login panel. it not my mta problem cuz another server's login panel work fine.