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  1. The Tower - GTA V Machinima

    I'm not a huge fan of cliffhangers so besides the ending I think that the execution was right on spot. It seems that the time and effort you've put in to it haven't gone to waste.
  2. [CS:GO] #4 - Unused Clips

    C'mon you gotta cheer him. Just a few more years of practice and you'll get gud Impzy!
  3. I don't know why, but your avatar seems familiar. :579dcfa5c7c1f_EmojiSmiley-57:

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      inspired by you. :579dcf9c20b86_EmojiSmiley-04:

  4. nice forum updates

  5. The end of my adventure

    This topic has a lot of potential for a debate, but from past experiences I think it is more suitable not to go that way. Even if we have our disagreements I want to wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Thank you for all the effort you put in to the team and sorry that it didn't work out.
  6. Happy Birthday tom :biggrin:

  7. my maps

    We have no way of identifying you, so we will not be able to assist you with this matter. It is your own responsibility to keep your maps safe, we're not a map bank.
  8. hi


    1. Tommeh
    2. samer


      i love T.G very much


      just me now ban 08/05/2017 fano unband me i love fano

  9. Login issue has been fixed! I'm deeply sorry for the delay.

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      Great job! #Tommeh4leader (3r time I say that)

      Thank you bauss.

  10. Burying the hatchet

    Hello folks! This is a rather short announcement just to let you guys know that we're giving everyone a second chance. That means we're going to be lifting every ban on the forums and server right after releasing this topic. Now that we're finally moving forward on other frontiers we've come to the conclusion that we should also leave the past behind us. There is a wide variety of reasons that people have received the state of being permanently banned, but we're willing to ditch all of that. Are you able to do the same? Kind regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
  11. Tommeh Can you give Skype

  12. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    When you see a member of ours taking a part in a discussion like this where there is no rational ending or closure you have to remember that he does not represent the whole clan, just himself and that there will always be the side that will end up looking worse than the other. Now allow me to take the fall and look like an idiot, locked.
  13. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    We still have no idea what banned everyone, only me and Impzy have the ability to do that and nether of us did.
  14. Stepping forward

    Once again we've had some big changes in our team's line up. Our co-leader @V1SH4L has announced that he will be leaving the team. You will find more details about his decision in his topic here. Thank you for all the work you put in to our team @V1SH4L, we'll dearly miss such a great and loyal member like you. Good luck in your future steps! Vishal did not go down alone though. Here is the list of members that will also be remembered for their efforts: @Siisti-C, @3ventic, @Rhypz and @Default437. We wish you the best of luck in whatever you're going to do guys. Thank you for your attendance in our community. Farewell! Managing TG is not that easy task so obviously, we have to promote people to work on this task. After talking with our members and considering the options I've come to the decision to promote @Pitko and @Impzy to stand up for the task. With new management, changes are more than likely to happen. Only time will tell which direction this will take us, yet I have my utmost confidence in these people. We will also be selecting people to fill out the rest of the management jobs that have been left to dust due to these changes. These changes together with some secret additions will be announced any time soon. Stay tuned! Moving to the most important part ►► New server! Since @MisterQuestions has become our new head developer, there were a lot of changes in our future progress. It might be surprising for every single player, yet it's true. Due to @MisterQuestions's amazing work, we're even closer to the release than you could possibly think. Reveal @MisterQuestions's plans in his personal announcement: ''Empty words without any proof!'' Yeah, we failed endless times in the matter of providing a new update. We're aware of this fact, so we've prepared something special for you. A couple of sneak peeks will be delivered in our next announcement. Preparing a lot of new changes for the near future. Is TG somewhere near to the end? Don't worry, it's not. We're still around! It's everything for today's news... Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.