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  1. Hello everyone! I would like to thank everyone who parcitipated in our CTF Mapping Contest. Public testing has taken place over the past few days in our public server in the Capture The Flag room 2. Many players took part in it - thank you. As I already mentioned, a lot of players = a lot of opinions and different angles of view. Because of these facts we decided to let you pick the winner! We appreciate every map you have sent to us. However public testing has revealed many weaknesses in several maps. Only the maps that went into the "final" and "passed" public and private testing are in the vote poll and you can also find all of them in our Capute The Flag rooms in a case you haven't played them yet. You can vote for these following maps untill 26.6.2017. Your vote decides. [CTF] KnOwN - Got Sun Block? [CTF] Dubst3p ft. Shardex - Sunset Lovers [CTF] Canky ft. Dubst3p - Aeolist Arena [CTF] Canky - Turtles United Best Regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
  2. The following are in charge of the upcoming Capture the flag tournament! Referees: @Vetor3x @Mecha @fano23 @Mazda @SquoniX @Tron. Streamers: @AdamJames @Jake @Monst3R Designer: @Lehelms Developer: @MisterQuestions * More people will be added soon!
  3. Hello folks. Today, 21:30 GMT +2 will be the second testing of the maps of the CTF Mapping Contest. You are all welcome. The testing will be starting as I already mentioned tonight in Capture The Flag room 2. Hope there will be a lot of players so we will all enjoy playing CTF once again and maybe time to overtake the skills in this game mode and show yourself before Capture The Flag Summer Cup 2017 which will start really soon!
  4. Hello folks. Would you like to contribute us somehow? Are you honest, organised and prepared to spend some hours by managing the tournament matches? If you answer each question by yes you are exactly the person we are looking for! Sign up below using the corrent format provided. Your in-game nickname: Your country: Time & days when you might be mostly active: Are you part of some team in the tournament (YES/NO): As referee you will get absolutely nothing except of experiences, tons of fun and perhaps plus points to improve the chances of becoming a Twisted Gamers member if that's something you are looking for. As referee you will also gain access to the server to watch all the matches directly on the server. Keep in mind we are looking mainly for mature people with decent English skills. Number of people we are 'recruting' is not limited. Best Regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
  5. Hello, Are you alone and desperate because you don't have a team yet? Does your team need more player(s) to fulfill the standards? This is the right thread for you! Inform others that you need a team by posting basic information (preferably Skype and/or Discord ID) about you down below, and you might find yourself in a team. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
  6. In this topic, you will be given the chance to register for our Capture the Flag Summer Cup 2017 tournament. Make sure to read the rules and information about the tournament before registering your team. In order to register your team, you must follow the format given below, any submission with a different format will not be accepted. * Each team is allowed to register max. 7 players and min. 6. * We do not guarantee that every team that registers will play. The number of teams is limited. * We reserve the right to change the terms or rules at any time. Best Regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
  7. What is CTF? And how to play it? Capture the flag is a racing/shooter game mode, where the goal is to take the flag from your opponents base and take it to your own base. However, if your opponent has your team's flag, you need to return it before you can score. To return the flag, you can kill your opponent by shooting, ramming and by making the player fall into water. The flag will appear on the spot where he/she died or entered. A match consists of 3 rounds, each round is played for 10 minutes, at the end of 10 minutes the team with the highest points will win the round. In case of a draw, there will be 3 minutes of extra time and the participating players number will decrease from 5 to 3. Each registered team must have at least 6 players and max. 7. Each match will be played 5v5 in the Group Stage. For example, winning the match with the score 3-0 gives you 3 points while winning it with the score 2-1 gives you 2 points. The losing team gets 1 point. Rules: ► Max ping: 250 ► Planting the flag to a spot where it is hard to return from is not allowed and will result in the player being disqualified from the tournament, no replacement will be allowed. ► Any kind of insulting or provoking will result in a mute or kick. ► If a player has to leave during a round, he/she can be replaced by a reserve. ► For every match, each team need min. 5 players, if not - the team will instantly lose the match. ► Any kind of cheating/hacking or using other methods which gives you an advantage over the other team (and your own teammates) will result in a ban, and the team will have to carry on without a replacement for the entire duration of the match. ► Faking another player to play for someone else's team will result in the team being disqualified from the tournament. Best Regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
  8. Thanks everyone who voted. #Closed
  9. Bye
  10. cancelled due our team is unable to prepare.
  11. Hello, we are not interested in playing against some of you since this wouldn't be smooth CW at all.
  12. Contest maps will be picked by staff. :P
  13. Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Kinda delayed, but better later than never? We are going do something we have never done, we will play a clanwar against From HELL, but this won't be a normal clanwar. For the first time in Twisted Gamers' history, we are going to play a Who Finishes First clanwar. For the ones who don't know what a WFF clanwar is, it is a bit different from a Deathmatch clanwar. In a WFF clanwar, the person who reaches the Hunter first wins, there are no Hunter fights at all. We believe this is going to be something fresh for everybody, Twisted Gamers is an old community, and it's nice to see a change in a while. Everyone is absolutely free to visit our clanwar server and directly spectate the unique clanwar (clanwar server's IP: mtasa:// in full action (i.e. there will be no password). Design by @Lehelms Clan name: From HELL Clan tag: fH- Players: -|TG|- players: - @Al1eN - @Xizen - @DiablO. - @fano23 - @Hope - @Doxiu - @Antadorea - @Hope - @Bullet:3 fH- players: Everyone from the clan. Maps: -|TG|- maps: -[DM] Sealine ft. Xzibit - Adrenaline Pure 2 -[DM] Str!k3r - The Road of Joy II -[DM] Str!k3r - Lovely Movement -[DM] Fabien ft. Pawlo - Police chase -[DM] Stoprocent v2 - Move Up! fH- maps: -[DM]SaPpHirE ft PeiN UPROAR -[DM]Darmos ft. Swalox ft. Driver- The essence of speed -[DM]Miketz ft. Darmos - Royal White -[DM]VantaGe ft Deadline ft Royce - Dreary Mountain -[DM]Nice Vol. 6 - Dawn in the ruins II Date & time: 17/06/2017 & 18:30 GMT +2 Where would it be held?: TG's clan war server Clan war rules: WFF rules: -Everyone from the clan is able to participate. -There are no hunter fights. -Chat silence during rounds with the exception of notifying clan war admins of possible flaws on the current round. -Do not spam, insult or provoke another player for any reason. -If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map. -If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further. -In case of camping and/or shortcutting, participant will be blown up. -Skipping vehiclechange pickups is not allowed. -Skipping nitro/repair pickups is allowed. -Doing roof parts as forward is allowed. -Driving backward parts forward is allowed. -Pressing the nos late is allowed. -Doing the fast jump as much as you don't cut a big part is allowed.
  14. We are currently busy with the upcoming WFF CW same as with the summer cup. Try later.