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  1. Time to say Bye

    My lemonade forever <3
  2. Registration

    Team Name: Perrin Satanquence 666Team Tag: ~pS//Skype & name of the leader: vss.mta & VISHAL, siisti-c & SIISTITeam Players:1) VISHAL - India2) Siisti - Finland3) Raven - Turkey 4) Zmany - Saudi Arabia 5) Equinox - Israel Team Reserves (there should be at least one reserve):1) Tommeh - Finland2) MunK7 - United States of America
  3. Best CTF Players

  4. CTF

    BuDyA's Morning Glory Harcor7 - Airport Jungle Arezu ft NeXTreme - Aerial Surge 1 (Open map)
  5. The Truth

    Would have been fun if you joined tg and then revealed you're Stroiter :D
  6. Hello, presenting this absolute beauty made by NeiT, RedGTX and SlipknoT. The decoration is something special and eye-catching while you drive, overall an amazing map and an effort to be appreciated. Enjoy Music used 1) Do you realize? by Ursine Vulpine (Edited version by V1SH4LENT) 2) Koven - Lasting, part 2 Infernus - vM1cra v5 (With Plate) Lights - Ephixa (V1SH4L's 2ezpack) [Coming soon] kthxbye
  7. Hello, presenting RuSO's 11th solo map. The map is as diverse as it gets, he continued to shine with his track style and never fails to mix up the decoration. It's a different map all in all, EnjoyI'd like to personally apologize to RuSO for taking such a long time and it's surely not the best work i have done but whatever i have been busy working on stuff that would benefit me in the future and completely lost motivation in what i do..maybe a switch in the editing program or something would motivate me again. Therefore i will be taking some time off, if i don't come back i just want to thank everyone who believed in me to showcase your map, surprisingly i have done ever so well in such a short period of time, i'm truly grateful. Thank you and see you soon hopefully! Infernus by MicraLights by NitroNSong: Aero chord - Resistancevishout
  8. Clan War Bets

    TG 14-6 ftw
  9. Just f*ck off. Fills me with joy to see this community doing ever so well once again, keep going and continue to deliver even though it takes a year...the end result is what matters. Congratulations to @MisterQuestions, truly deserved. I still remember what you told me when you joined and I'm really glad you have still kept your word. With the attitude and knowledge you possess we can safely say TG is in safe hands again and finally congratulations to the new commers don't blow it up and make sure you make the most of the opportunity. The login panel looks simple and wonderful, I hope the entire server feels that way. Looking forward to more, good luck!
  10. ( ͝o ͜ʖ͡o )
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  12. Hello, after nearly a year and a half the man that surprised the entire community with one of the best version ones ever made.. is back with his version two and he hasn't disappointed at all. The map is one of a kind, no matter how many times you play it you just won't get bored of it and that is my sincere opinion about. It has that different feel to it from other maps, coming from the decoration, track style or just those extra bits added to it such as the slow-mo parts with explosions. I would like to congratulate UnDeR on creating this showpiece and it was an honor for me to record such a map. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do, peace Song: Imagine Dragons - Shots (Broiler Remix) Led Lights by NitroN
  13. Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Congratulations! bad topic delete pls
  14. *cough* noobfish *cough*

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      Did you leave because of the shame topkek? xd