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  1. Remove the need for these 15 players to participate in clanwars and the invite system and I'd agree that this wouldn't be a clan.
  2. Qualifies as a clan tho? Anyhow the idea of having a competitive board of players isn't bad.
  3. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    Being mad does not necessarily mean that you are trying to attack the opposite side. There are better and more mature ways to do so. Me asking for the scripts to be removed was an impulsive reaction and is being resolved in a PM now. This topic was only meant to explain my view on the situation and let others tell theirs in the hope that a solution would come out that is beneficial for all parties involved.
  4. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I don't necessarily need to be ingame to know what is going on in many servers. If something goes down I hear it from multiple people at once. Also, not seeing my name ingame does not necessarily mean I am not ingame. Even when I was still a TG member I used to go ingame under a different nickname and even a different country, some might even still remember that. I am indeed trying to be calm and get to a proper solution. If I am wrong I am fully willing to accept that but as of now I still fully believe that I am right.
  5. Always wanted to tell me to shut up? You got your chance now in the "Take a hint... and responsibility for once" topic. Poll added

  6. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I might have been somewhat impulsive there then.
  7. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I was one of the people who for example got thrown out of the Discord server for no apparent reason.
  8. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I asked for my scripts to be removed as a result of some very unfair kicks and bans that happened very recently.
  9. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    Useless in what sense? Elaborate.
  10. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I didn't share them however. My issues with FFS were already resolved for quite a long time before that. I was kicked in an unfair matter. This purpose is to point out these mistakes and let other players do so as well. So that these can be changed. However, you guys are banning people for the slightest reasons. Reasons that should only result in a warn or a mute. Not to mention how rude some (which includes you) are towards these players. That's not how you resolve such an issue. It only makes it worse. First of all, I did not condone these accounts myself nor did I ever had to do anything with these; Not all of these people are even my friends, only a small amount of them truly are. They are doing this because they feel the necessity of doing so. Your actions cause their hate, don't you get it? Proves my point. I am pointing out my view and if you can show me otherwise I am willing to accept that I am wrong. However you simply start calling me selfish and egoistic while I am actually trying to help making Twisted Gamers better again by pointing out the issue. How is that possibly being selfish and egoistic? If I was selfish and egoistic I wouldn't do anything and let things slowly go down more and more. Yeah...
  11. Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    So, can you at least explain why it is wrong in your opinion? Since you haven't.
  12. This topic is not meant to provoke and as such will not do so. This topic has been created to explain an increasing issue and give proper criticism. As such no rules are being broken and this topic should not be removed. To maintain the topic it will however be cached on Wayback Machine for those who want to see it. To start, I want to answer the following question: "why are you doing this? haven't you left MTA?". Essentially I did, I am however still scripting on rare occasions as I am experimenting with certain types of code and this is still a perfect environment to do so. Then, why am I doing this? I have been part of Twisted Gamers myself, I have loved this clan and have done my very best to help it out and keep the community happy and entertained. Don't you think that seeing it degenerate like this doesn't affect me? I didn't particularly leave myself, did I? So what is the purpose of this topic? The purpose is to hopefully open your eyes and work towards a peaceful future. After many developers and other members were either kicked or left the community has been going backwards a lot. New members have started to abuse their powers, players have been banned for the slightest mistakes and overall most of the members have been very rude towards them. This community only exists because of its players, treasure them! Without players you are nothing. It is your duty to keep them entertained and create a fun and peaceful atmosphere. Many people here on Twisted Gamers have tried to make that clear but only have been silenced or censored. Because, you, Twisted Gamers, don't want to face the truth. Why do you think such groups of people that are saying that stuff exist? Because you are not taking a hint. They do it for a reason! Instead of silencing and censoring them you should acknowledge it, talk to them, and then work to a good solution. You are losing players over this, you cannot deny that. I have known this community for a long time and have been part of it myself. I have seen the player counts progress. Leaders of Twisted Gamers, make your members behave, punish them when they are being rude to the players and do not be afraid to kick someone if justified. Only then can you become the great clan you once were again. Don't lose it over mistakes. Many of the current trials would have already failed their trial in the past. Did that change? Did these things suddenly become normal? That would be sad. Don't remove this topic, learn from it and talk to your community.
  13. I am claiming my PvP system and Anti-Insulting script. I want them to be taken offline from the TG server. 
  14. Development on Anti-Bounce 3.0 is going to continue after all.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Megadreams

      Megadreams The Anti-Bounce3 branch will contain it. The "master" branch currently still has v2.5.0.

    3. Genetikk


      is it too hard to leave?


    4. Megadreams


      I will never be as active as I used to be and will only be in MTA (developing, not playing) from time to time on scripts. The plane job at Zurio is to gain more experience on AI's and Anti-Bounce v3 is just to get that over with as I still feel deeply for that resource. Other than that I'm not fully back, I am too busy with Pine, my startup company.

  15. Deletion/Limit of PvP System

    Well I made the script with that in mind. That was always supposed to be the case.