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  1. Hello

    Hi hacker :D
  2. Name, age and location: Hello Guys my name is Cathrine im 20 years old and i live in the Philippines Clan which you have been before: >VIP< Very Important Player left/retired (2016) - Member =KoG= Left/retired (2007-2015 )- Co-Leader =FoX= left/retired (2011) - member .:DoA:. left/retired (2018) - Trial Member |X1| |X2| |X3| X4| |X5| Xtreme Five left/retired (2010) - |TSR| The Street Racer left/retired (2011) - member |Tsw| The Speed Warriors left/retired (2014) - member ~TS~ Twin Star left/retired (2013) - member -B5 Best Five left/retired (2017) - member |DST| Dangerous Skillers Team left/retired (2012) - member My MTA Career and History: first of all i start playing SA-MP in 2007 back then and i saw player saying that MTA which is called "Multi Theft Auto" another multiplayer gta online, and then after that i join in random servers and playing enjoying racing with players meet them nicely, and then i join in server which is i always like back in old days like GMC i always keep on training playing racing and then it improves my skills after mta update new and new and then i saw new gamemode which is OS "Old School" my kind of favorite gamemode before until now i always playing on this gamemode because so addictive and still lit even old school easily to get hunter but depends on the map made and this is the time where even more improve my driving skills until i found a famous server where player always many which is -ffs- For &amp;%*&#036; Sake in 2011 but i stop in that server in 2015 beecause inactive but then in 2013 i found a "TG" which is Twisted Gamers i always playing here right now because its friendly staff also even not much many players but still enjoying server. How can you help the community of Twisted Gamers?: I can participate sometimes in Clan War sometimes when its my free time and helping new player in server/forum community Why do you want to join Twisted Gamers?: First of all thats why i want to join Twisted Gamers Community is i want to become a part of this community i will what i can bring in this community and to be participate in every updates in forum/server and yea #1 follow rules also #2 not abusing the admin commands stuff. and yea to help the new player in game when they need help. Are you an active person?: Sometimes because it depends on my reality if im busy or not but sometimes im busy but this server i always playing. my limit hours is 24 hours sometimes 8 hours How can we contact you?: You can contact me through skype Skype: tatsumie.sasaki Sincerly yours, Cathrine
  3. lovely super blood moon <3

  4. Welcome back


  5. Atlast my cpu is back and ready to nolife again ;)

  6. sorry for inactive guys i will be back soon due to cpu problem will be fix soon :)

  7. I'm BACK :)

    welcome back
  8. Come MTF bby Hunter

  9. :O what im seeing today kind a big problem? ;O

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    2. GaM.




    3. Mecha


      I don't see that as a treachery, it's more like an huge rage quit :579dcf9e960d3_EmojiSmiley-16:

    4. Break


      It's sad how TG is saying that I got kicked rofl.

      It's sad how TG is saying that I got kicked rofl.

  10. Lovely <3 :D

  11. The new Beginning of the Reborn [PREVIEW]

    nice :d
  12. NoMercY From DDC

    Welcome to Community enjoy your staying with us.
  13. Hmmmmm...

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    2. Cathrine


      I dont know what to say just saying that im back again at my free times only ;/ 

    3. GaM.


      kkk WB )

    4. Cathrine


      thenk yey )

  14. Clan War Bets

    TG - 11 | EPC - 9