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  1. I'm BACK :)

    welcome back
  2. Come MTF bby Hunter

  3. :O what im seeing today kind a big problem? ;O

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    2. GaM.




    3. Mecha


      I don't see that as a treachery, it's more like an huge rage quit :579dcf9e960d3_EmojiSmiley-16:

    4. Break


      It's sad how TG is saying that I got kicked rofl.

      It's sad how TG is saying that I got kicked rofl.

  4. Lovely <3 :D

  5. The new Beginning of the Reborn [PREVIEW]

    nice :d
  6. NoMercY From DDC

    Welcome to Community enjoy your staying with us.
  7. Hmmmmm...

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    2. Cathrine


      I dont know what to say just saying that im back again at my free times only ;/ 

    3. GaM.


      kkk WB )

    4. Cathrine


      thenk yey )

  8. Clan War Bets

    TG - 11 | EPC - 9
  9. =(

  10. Gz again in the 2 insert TG trials u deserved also =))

  11. Gz new TG trials u deserved it ;O

  12. Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Gz guys. you deserved to be a TG trial ;O (clap) (clap)
  13. Why my heart beats *pumps fast* and excited for nothing. :/ :O Help...


    1. TonyxO


      if you're excited you have to masturbate

    2. Cathrine
    3. xT4ngY
  14. in my country. i can feel the summer heats already but im not ready in my final exam yet ;// hell weeks days feels ;'c help me.