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  1. Well donnneeee!
  2. The end of V1SH4L'~'

    Best of luck in life!
  3. Stepping forward

    I don't see why some people are getting so paranoid over it (just by looking at the status updates). The community will always have to see changes, no matter how much gravity that 'change' is, otherwise nothing will happen. The former co-leader had to handle a situation that is beyond his control which requires him to take a break from the community. Give him a chance. At the end of the day, nothing is permanent. Well done to those who received a promotion and I am looking forward to see what is spicing on the development side.
  4. Best of luck to everyone, especially to those who are and will be involved in the event!
  5. Great progress! Keep it running, boys!
  6. News 17.04.16

    Well done, as always!
  7. I'm pleasantly surprised to see a quote of Jean-François Cope in a signature o_o

    I didn't know he was known outside the France.

  8. Member Announcement

    Well done! ;)
  9. My New PC Is Finally Here!

    Can I have your potato? Mine is actually more potato-er.
  10. Join requests open

    Good luck, everyone! And for the love of TG, stop being so salty everytime you fail to get a trial spot.
  11. A Small Request

    Ohh, I like profile customizations! Well, as long as the server can handle additional uploaded images in light with this, then it shouldn't be an issue. This should have been in the suggestions board though.
  12. I enjoyed this drama series well.
  13. I am a randomer.

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    2. Punky


      Because i played at GMC with you O M G

    3. Giga



    4. Punky


      At my house playing LoL.

      But now i'm back :D

  14. How to Install Vehicle Mods.

    Have you guys ever heard of Mod Loader? It's an ASI mod where you can add, remove, and even change mod files by a simple drag and drop. They're automatically in-game so you don't need to use IMG editors ever again. Trust me, it's way better than GTA Garage Mod Manager, IMGTool, Alci's IMG Editor, or any other applications. The only problem is, as mentioned, it's an ASI mod and I don't think they're supported in MTA.