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  1. insult

    Use the correct format Report player/admin form: Your name: - Who are you reporting? - When did it happen? (Please provide a estimated time, this makes it easier to check our logs) - Explain what happened: - Screenshots and/or other proof:
  2. Mr TarKaaN

    @MrSweet Tarkaan was diagnosed with Leukemia (blood cancer). After few weeks/months fighting with this he sadly passed away.
  3. Hello dear can check me Ban Appeals

  4. Hi , can u change my account name to alex?

  5. Rest in peace Chester Bennington [*]


    We have already something like this, if someone isn't moving then after few seconds he gets killed.
  7. Server Rules and Punishments

    @Edited 14/07/2017 - Added Global chat (English only) + Selling donator
  8. Quiz event is back !

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    2. RounteX


      well i do heard about it

    3. Suspect-san


      Don't call it that. Megadreams named it the Quiz System and the Quiz System it shall be called.

    4. gemi
  9. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 

    1. GeroX


      climate change is not real

  10. The end of my adventure

    Thank you @Vetor3x for everything you have done for our community, i had a lot of fun while playing with you and talking about some "stuff" 420 blaze it. We had few ups and downs but we could always find a solution for everything which i appericate. I'm sure you will find everything you need, take care and see ya on the server? PS: Accept my friend invite on discord tard.
  11. Welcome back dude ! Da Frankz0r rules !
  12. Leaving MTA

    Here the logs, that was even enough for 5 mins mute. 49649618PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:33:09oldschool_1fu 49649647PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:33:47oldschool_1What you need 49649676PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:34:10oldschool_1to the fail and dont try acting on me 49649690PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:34:22oldschool_1k take care 49649756PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:36:17oldschool_1leave 49649799PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:37:31oldschool_1i have a solution for that 49649809PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:37:47oldschool_1Ignored 49649852PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:39:11oldschool_1Who accepted dax? And not only that made me take this decission, I've asked Danx about that situation, even he said that you were disrespectful. If you want to leave just for that go ahead. Goodbye.
  13. Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Congratulations and best of luck to everyone who got new roles and who has been promoted to full member. Thank you for the opportunity, i will do everything what's the best for our players and community.
  14. Unban Pls.


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    2. HRD


      the vídeo is coming wait.

      he wont unban you

      give up!

    3. PRODaN


      Just stop that DarkReis.

      Make unban request which would be useless by the way.

      We gave you already few chances and you lost them in that short amount of time.

      If you keep spamming my pm's and status updates you will be banned on forum aswel.

    4. DiatroN


      Noldu len topreiz.

  15. I am out.

    Sad to see you leaving Paulo, i would thank you for all the things you've made for us. It was pleasure to be your Trial Manager. Hope to see you arround, good luck in the future !