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  1. Thenico - For the love of Gteatero

    Hey nico, It's been a long time. Good map , Nice record. Keep it up!
  2. Cool Dream III [SooN]


    1. DiatroN



    2. RembeR


      <3 Lycry

  3. [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    Nice track, good luck.
  4. [DM] Chipy - Descendant's Skills IV

    Nice map chipy and awesome record V1SH4L. Good job guys.
  5. What's your nickname(s) ^LyCry# About Myself My name is yusuf kılıçarslan and I'm 20 years old, i live in Turkey, Istanbul, I am a graphic artist student, I'm active 9 or 10 hours a day except that mta, i playing League Of Legends, CS GO, Rocket League, GTA V, But most of my time is spent in the mapping, I need to finish 3 maps. Your Mta History And Old Clans I started playing mta 8 years ago, my first time i play in mta-tr, about 2 years after playing in the mta-tr I turned on the -dFx- server with my friend. I learned a lot and I was very much friends. a lot of my friends to leave the mta, i miss old times but the old do not come back. I'm started to mapping since 2012, at first i make bad maps but I developed myself over time and I came to the present position. Let's go back to the my history, we closed our -dFx- server after 1 year. After that I started playing -|TG|- server. I experienced some problems but all are resolved, everyone makes mistakes, important to notice. A few months later, Tentimes invited me to clan and I joined the |DST| clan and after a while I layed off mta. After 1 or 1.5 years i'm back. What can you do for -|TG|- I made too many maps for -|TG|- , many of my maps have -|TG|- I can make my next maps for -|TG|- Expect that one I can do map test and deal with players, I can help clan wars or forum. Contact Me Mta_LyCry Thanks for read my join request.
  6. [DM] NeiT Ft. ??? Ft. ??? - ???

    Nice Map dude, I want join this ft. Skype: mta_lycry Contact Me.
  7. Every day I'm a star in the city 
    Walk the streets like a wanted man 
    All the time got my shine looking pretty 
    Motherfuckers all know who I am

  8. Show Your Desktop

    My New PC :)
  9. Hello Guys :) What did you do this summer . I Swim :)
  10. KnOwN Vol.17 - Time KnOwN's

    Nice map bro.
  11. Nice Map Guys. Good Job.
  12. LyCry Maps & Download

    LyCry - Vol.3 New World :[DM] LyCry - Vol.4 Skinex : LyCry - Vol.5 Boss Wave Download : LyCry - Vol.6 Ascension Download : LyCry - Vol.7 Cool Dream Download : LyCry - Vol.8 HIGHER Download :[DM] LyCry - Vol.9 Timeless Download : LyCry - Vol.10 Timeless II Download : LyCry ft. Kane ft. SexTreme - Mysterious Diamond Download : LyCry FT. Jump3R FT. ChroneSS - Amazing Diamond : LyCry ft. BlisteR - Tropical Island Download : [DD] LyCry - The battle for honor :