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  1. CTF spawn bug

    It's the map fault, not a bug mate. Known accidentally placed a blue/red team spawn at different teams.
  2. Graphic Designs.

    hi Alex
  3. NurzZ Ft. iceTea Ft. ? - ?

    He was recording him play, it's pretty normal that the HuD was there. It's removed when the map is completed. Now you know ^^
  4. VPN

    So you're saying using VPN makes you a lagger, and we should " stop " vpn. ....
  5. [DM]uRage ft.?? - Impossible Skills

    lul that cut was lul !
  6. TG 3.0 Beta??

    Doesn't matter xdd, it makes no sense I know. But beta has happened
  7. TG 3.0 Beta??

    beta has already happened lul
  8. Where the &amp;%*&#036; is @Mazen and @Boudi ... Congrats to ma buddy @Mousy <3. wtf fdp tr @Surflexy ????
  9. Audi R8 Hope Edition by DaXx

    Looks alright I guess, I pretty much like the same infernus mod with a few details. But, still looks cool. Good job m&
  10. I'm BACK :)

    DUDE ! It's Dark ! Welcome back mate